When I was growing up, saying "fart" was forbidden.

DID YOU KNOW...that if you eat grapes right after you brush your teeth, it kinda tastes like grapefruit?

It does. I discovered that this morning. Wondrous.

I also learned that the little old lady who lives above us has been afraid to go walking ever since we put out the "Beware of Dog" doormat.

The Knight ran into her a couple of days ago and told her how much we enjoy her flowers outside her door (the woman has her very own portable little garden right outside her apartment - it brightens my day, every day). Anywho, she asked him where we live, and when he told her, she told him that since we put that mat out, she hasn't been taking her daily walk because she was afraid of the dog. The Knight offered to introduce her to fierce Betty Rascal, and after several offers, she finally accepted. Now, we see her walking every morning - bravely daring our attack dog to come get her. Also, her name is Joyce, bless her little old lady heart. Joyce, we all have our excuses for not wanting to exercise, but yours takes the cake. Sorry we removed that one from your arsenal!

Random Rant:

Have you noticed how web ads are using roaches, beetles, and spiders to catch your attention to 1) check your credit score, 2) refinance your house, or 3) apply for a credit card? I am getting sick of it. I have a fear of roaches that stems back to my preteen years, and I don't relish the idea of seeing them crawl across my computer screen...even if they are digital.

Also, whatever happened to advertising in a way that promotes positive and good feelings about your product? I know that they use those bugs to catch our attention, but once our attention is captured, the ad has only irritated or frightened us. It certainly doesn't make me want to use their products.


So, yesterday, I learned that I am going to fly across the state for a law firm interview next Friday. I am really excited about the interview, but also terrified because I get the bar results the same day as my interview. I can't imagine how awful I will feel if I am in the midst of all these people who I am trying to convince to hire me, and then discover that I am still not a "sure thing" when it comes to being licensed. I guess if that happens, I'll do my best to gracefully excuse myself and go jump from the building, but really, let's just hope I PASS.

Today I googled the question "did (my name) pass the Tennessee bar?" So far, the answer is inconclusive, but I'm getting ready to Ask Jeeves the same thing. I know the results aren't going to be posted for another week, but I just kind of secretly think I could accidentally stumble on some sort of TBA file that was inadvertently posted on the web revealing if we passed or failed.

Artsy Fartsy is stressing about the bar, the bugs, and the Betty Rascal.


ashleystravel said...

I still don't let me husband say the 'f' word. :)

Glad that Betty Rascal hasn't attacked... yet!

Jess(ica) said...

Betty may not be ferocious, but she kind of looks possessed in that picture by the mat. :P

Joseph said...

I know, I'm really nervous about the Bar results too.

What firm and where?

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