Shame on you, Memphis.

FRIDAY is here! The weather is gorgeous, I am alive, and many briefs are awaiting my review!

A lot has been happening the last few days here in my new home of Memphis, TN.

First of all, Memphis and the surrounding vicinity has been ranked as the #1 most violent place to live in America. This is not new news (I think it was published last week-ish), but of course all the news sources and politicos can't get enough of it. I told the Knight that we have perfect timing. We live here two months, and all of sudden Memphis the most violent. I have never thought that I would need more personal protection than a little can of pepper spray, but lately, I'm wondering if more drastic measures are necessary.

Second, Mayor Herenton was re-elected for the 5th time (click on his name for a video of his tasteless acceptance speech). I haven't lived here very long, but already he disgusts me. He takes no responsibility for his actions, this city, or the people of Memphis. I watched his acceptance speech on the news, and it was filled with "me, me, me" comments and all kinds of racially motivated and racially divisive statements. Yuck. I don't understand how people could vote for such a scumbag.

Third, Raiford's is reopening tonight! Now, maybe Raiford should run for mayor! That would certainly be interesting. I'm not sure if the Knight and I are going to go tonight; I fear that it would be really crowded. If not tonight, we will definitely head there very, very soon.

Fourth, this weekend, the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival (formerly King Biscuit Blues Festival) is the happening place to be in Helena, Arkansas. The Knight and I are going to go - his uncle and aunt live there and we can stay with them.

Speaking of the blues, these last few days I have been singing them, as I have been sending out resumes like crazy. I am so sad that already I have to start thinking about where I can work after this clerkship ends. I hate job searching (who doesn't?) and while I think my cover letters and resume are fine, it is so hard to be "me" on a ecru 8 x 11 inch piece of paper. Maybe I should send out resumes that are pink and scented to "give it something extra." Elle Woods - you are still my hero, especially that you are now on Broadway. :)

Artsy Fartsy is wondering what it sounds like when you sing the greens.

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Pargolo said...

1. you are very pretty.
2. I would think singing the greens would involve militant vegans who subscribe to PETA, only the extremist "plants have feelings too!" version.

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