I am not a Seinfeld junkie to the point where I can quote lines or remember the shenanigans from every episode. I do, however, love me some George Costanza. Sure, Jerry is funny, Elaine is quirky and adorable, and Kramer has the best entrance of anyone I know, nevertheless, I love George because I can relate to him. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I have a little Costanza inside me - you know, always blowing things out of proportion, kinda nerdy, a little bit fat, and a tad self-loathing with a splash of giving myself too much credit. (And, really, who doesn't love sex and a sandwich at the same time?)

Anyway, I can't remember what episode it is, but one of my favorite George moments is when George spends the entire episode trying to think up comebacks to some jerk. All of them are bad, his timing is off, and yet he keeps trying so hard. If only George could make his comebacks in in a blog post, he might have saved himself some serious indignities. See, the benefits of blog-comebacking (Blog-backing?) is that you can edit, ponder, and reread your comebacks, and then wow everyone with your intellect.

A few days ago, Ana at Rubyredslipper.blogspot.com posted a hilarious, Carrie-esque post about women "putting out." While she notes in a later blog that she has edited it, even in her first, probably more emotionally written post, it was great. I love Ana's blog, and think you should too.

For a real life lesson in Blog-backing that even George Costanza could benefit from, GO Here.

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