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A lot has happened in the last few days.

One of my sorority sisters got in a terrible tubing accident and is still in a coma, my very best friend got married this weekend, and then yesterday another very good friend lost her mother after a long battle with cancer.

All of these sorrows and joys have really made me pause and reflect on the fact that my worries about finding a job and passing the bar are just really nothing to get stressed about. To my friends struggling out there, we will get through it! And hopefully in one piece.

That being said, I had two interviews on Friday. Both went really well (I think) and I could see myself working at either firm. On Monday, I got an email from one of the firms offering me a job! I haven't made my decision yet, but I cannot begin to try to describe the peace of mind I have knowing that there is a job out there for me if I decide to take it!

Okay, so I have to get back to studying, but before I do, I just have to post a couple of the pictures from my best friend's wedding. I was the MOH (for all you people who have never planned a wedding, that means Matron of Honor), and believe me people, I took the job seriously. I hope my friend feels loved, because I did everything I could to make her day go beautifully. I snuck champagne into the church, I put together a wedding night survival kit (Lube and Vodka), I did hair, I did makeup, took countless photos, I even took over the wedding rehearsal after my friend begged me to because her wedding planner was about as assertive as a mushroom. And I loved every minute of it.

There are moments in your life when you are just so happy. So happy because everything is going right, is just as it should be, and there is nothing you would change. That is how I felt for my friend on her big day and still do. I love the guy she is marrying, and haven't seen this happy and secure in herself in a long time.

Okay, so enough with the mushy stuff. Here are my favorite photos from the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I love her dress. Please tell Lindsey that if I ever get married & I am ever a size 2, I want to wear it! (Please also tell her not to worry, b/c both things are equally unlikely!) Love you! Hope studying is going well!

Amy said...

congrats on the job!? i'm anxious to hear which firm.

Pargolo said...

congratulations on the job! onward and upwards, artsy!

Anastasia said...

Omigosh, I am so far behind on my blog-reading and just go to this! Congratulations my darling! May all the rest of your dreams come true as well and best of luck to you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What kind of salary were you offered?

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