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If I were you and I read this blog, I would probably wonder at some point why this blog is entitled Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic. I rarely talk about shopping anymore, mainly because I am poor and have been recently put myself on shoe probation (moving 6 laundry baskets full of shoes can do that to a person). And I never really talk about being Artsy Fartsy. There are a couple of reasons for this. Number one: As a Southern girl, I don't really know if it is proper to talk about yourself in a way that could be interpreted to be a complimentary manner. Such discussion could be considered bragging, and although Southern women do brag, it is in a very underhanded, subtle sort of way ("You look lovely in that dress!" "What, this little ole thing? Why, this is just a little running around type dress. Really, sweetie, you are too kind." - not by writing words on the internet. Okay, scratch that. That is what is blog is for. Right?

Well, I guess the other reason for my failure to mention my artsy fartsiness is that it comes in spurts, and is often in a medium that I don't think translates well to the web, like interior design, painting on canvas, and murals. Until recently, I did not have a digital camera or scanner, so putting that type of stuff on the internet was very difficult, if not impossible. Plus, maybe I am a teensy weensy afraid that if you do see some of my artwork, you might say "pshaw, she eez no aughteest, and I vill no read her blaug az long az she continuez undzer hur undezerved pszeudonim!" I am afraid that you will say all of this and more, quite possibly in a disdainful French accent.

But, then I found that french toast girl blog (I mentioned a few posts back), and it got me thinking that maybe I should start drawing and painting again, even if it is crap.

So, although I don't think I could follow french toast girl's lead and paint everyday (I don't have the time and I didn't bring any artsy supplies to OKC with me), I can do something regular on a smaller scale. So, today, I joined this - Illustration Friday. It is kind of like the picture thing on Ashley's Travels, but drawings instead of pictures. Each week, they email you a topic and you put a large image of your entry on your blog and then submit a small thumbnail to the Illustration Friday site.

This Friday, I am probably going to be late submitting an entry as I will be flying back to Nashville for my best friend's bachelorette party and lingerie shower weekend. What I will lack in time to sketch, I am sure I will gain in inspiration...knowing my crazy friends. Anyway, I really want to try this, and I feel that the best way to do something is to tell others about it, so that it will keep me accountable. (Like remember when I told you guys about needing to run a 5K and someone suggested that I do the Knoxville Expo 5K? Well, I did it in 32:30 minutes after 7 weeks of training and I'm still running. Seriously, blog accountability keeps me motivated. Well, that, seeing the Knight after 3 1/2 weeks of being apart, and being in a wedding this summer, but who's counting?).

So, that's my goal. Since I don't have any artsy supplies here, I'll get some colored pencils and maybe some cheap watercolors. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but something with a little color.

Oh, and just so I can show ya'll I ain't no chicken, here are a few pictures of a bathroom mural I painted for the Knight's aunt last summer. She had a little Limoges butter plate that she loved, and it was my inspiration.

It will probably seem a little juvenile to some of you, but it is one of the few works that I actually have digital photographs of.

The inspiration plate.

Flowers to greet you as you wash your hands and view your reflection.
If you can't live outside, I say bring the outside in with you!

This portion was painted right above the footed garden tub.

A little surprise awaits you as you plop onto the porcelain throne!

A closeup of one of my favorite flowers.

The inspiration plate is now prominently displayed in the guest bathroom.

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Joseph said...

wow, i think that is fantastic! you're a good painter!

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