One HTML code away from suffering from an acute case of caninemania.

You thought I might be a little crazy about my Betty Rascal when I start posting about her here. And here.

And then, you really were concerned for my sanity when I posted pictures like this:

And this.

But now? Now, you have certifiable proof that indeed, I have become a sick crazy dog lady.

I present you - Betty Rascal's personal website.

Enjoy! Or Vomit. Preferably in that order.

(P.S. If? If I ever actually do start writing a diary coming from the doggie perspective? I give all of you permission to come to Memphis and take away my computer.)

(P.P.S. Just so you know, I come by this dog craziness honestly. Every time my mom calls, she asks how I am, how the Knight is, and most importantly..."How is MY Granddog doing?". Last night she called to inform me that she found the tackiest ballerina costume for Betty. Then she proceeds to tell me that she bought it. Because she is a crazy dog lady too. Check it out here.)


Joseph said...

wow, Jennifer and I will make a page for Murphy and they can be "Pup Pals"

Anastasia said...

Hee-hee. Martha had the yellow 12-inch doxie and promptly shredded it! The girl is craazy!

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