Oklahoma is Oklahomey!

The Knight and I are finally together in Oklahoma City. We have been stuffed and pampered by his parents. I feel like a chicken ready for my culinary demise. The Knight's dad was so kind and flew his wife, Betty, me, and my 170 pounds of luggage (I am not exaggerating, he weighed all of my bags and they seriously weighed that much) to see the Knight on Friday. Since that time, I have eaten food made at home only once. All of my other meals have been served to me by a waiter in grossly over sized portions. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed it. I have. Tremendously. But, when I went running this afternoon, I felt every bite of my food with every step I took.

So, let me tell you a little about Oklahoma City. First of all, it is remarkably flat, especially to a Tennesseean. You can drive on stretches of road that are perfectly level and straight. And, it is much greener than I expected. While TN has been experiencing a near drought, it has been raining here almost every other day.

Our apartment is a little on the dingy side, but it is furnished, quite roomy, and we have free Internet, electricity, water, and laundry services. Plus, every Wednesday the leasing manager cooks a big meal for all of the renters and we can exchange our towels and sheets for fresh sets. There is a really nice pool, which I envision myself using everyday to read the outline for that day's BarBri lecture. (BTW, BarBri on iPod = Best decision I ever made).

Here are a couple pictures so you can see what splendor we are living in ;)
So far, we have visited the Bricktown area, the Oklahoma City National Memorial, and Stockyard City. We ate dinner last night at the famous Cattlemen's Steakhouse, and let me tell you...the steak was phenomenal. I am not a big red meat person at all, but you could cut my filet with a fork, it was that tender. There are still a couple of places that I would like to visit before we leave, but the one place I absolutely refuse to miss is the OKC Museum of Art.

Betty seems happy and the Knight and I are so glad to finally live together, in the same place, at the same time. Now, we will really find out how much we like each other!


The Pink Highlighter said...

How long have you been married? Have you never lived together or has it just been a really long time?

Artsy Fartsy said...

Foxy, we have been married almost 3 years, but our living together has been pretty sporadic. Basically, the main reason is that about 6 months after we got married, the Knight decided to get another degree so that he could be an air traffic controller, and the only school in TN that offered the degree was MTSU. So, he did that for a year and a 1/2, and lived with family during the week. After he graduated, he got a job in Knoxville, but it didn't pay nearly as well as jobs in Nashville. So, for the last year, he has worked in Nashville, and on the weekends he would come to Knoxville. But all of that is over, and from now we should be able to live together!

The Pink Highlighter said...

Now I know why your husband looks familiar to me. I've seen him in Murfreesboro. I don't know where when or how, but now that makes sense.

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