Failure is NOT an option.

BarBri is kicking my butt. I work so hard all day long, and it seems that I never get through all of the suggested assignments for each topic. Plus, I am already a couple of days behind my classmates because I moved from Knoxville one weekend, and then moved again to Oklahoma City. So, yesterday I was going to spend the entire day finishing my Agency lecture, and then catching up on all the straggly practice questions from various topics that I've covered so far. I got through two sections of practice questions for Con Law and listened to the introductory MBE lecture on the BarBri website. I had a few errands I ran yesterday and made dinner, but other than that, BarBri was my best friend.

Is this feeling of being overwhelmed normal? Does everyone feel like they can never do enough? Or am I the only one? That is one bad thing about not being surrounded by my friends during the lecture...we can't commiserate together.

Other news that I find interesting or just mention-worthy:
I have been learning how to drive a stick shift. Since I flew to OKC with the Knight's parents, I had to leave my car behind. This was our decision, b/c while my car is fairly reliable in town, my transmission is on its way out, and driving 13 hours across country alone just didn't seem like a good idea. So, while I'm here, if I want any kind of freedom, I had to learn how to drive the Jeep.

On Sunday, the Knight and I spent the afternoon riding around, while I shifted gears, pushed in the clutch, and learned how to ease off the clutch and press on the gas. I finally have the hang of it, but during that afternoon lesson, I wish I had had the foresight to make a sign to put in the back of the Jeep which read "Stay Back 500 Feet, Stick Shift Learning In Process."

Yesterday, while the Knight was at training, I drove to the bank and the grocery store. All by myself. And guess what? The Jeep is still intact. I am so proud.

I didn't tell you much about Memorial Day weekend, but if you are interested in seeing pictures, you can go here.

Okay, well that's all for now. I have to get back to BarBri, my least favorite, but apparently new, best friend.


Amy said...

You are normal! After about a week of BarBri, and realizing I was falling behind, I just decided I would get done what I could and not worry about anything else. I also didn't read the outlines, I mainly spent my time with practice questions during June. And I passed :-)

Pargolo said...

i can comiserate. i too am behind. and Art. 9 of the UCC is kicking my ass.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Amy, great advice! That is kind of what I have been doing, but hearing someone who was successful say the same thing is very uplifting!

And, Pargolo, honey I feel you. Since I am doing the iPod thing, I can pick and choose what to study each day. Let me tell you, Commercial Paper is waaaay down on the list.

Amy said...

Commercial Paper essay questions are fairly predictable, so spend time w/ the old essays/model answers

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