Trip to Tulsey

(Momma? Can I go to Tulsa with you?)

Waiting for big little bro's graduation to start.

ORU had quite a lovely baccleaureate ceremony. Lots of praise and worship, the ORU orchestra, and speakers with a lot of charisma.

Dad is a professor at ORU. Doesn't he look cute?

Getting ready to get his diploma.

ORU Class of 2007

Proud big sister with new graduate. Plus one shiny boob.

They don't give you the real thing...gotta make sure you really passed all of your classes!

Birthday breakfast. I'm 26!

Please note Mom's corny t-shirt and the home-fried biscuits rolled in confectioner's sugar.
It is good to be home.

After much wheedling and persuading, Betty and Tootsie are finally friends.

Food brought them together.

Betty loves the air conditioner.
Her giant ears make her look like she is about to take off in flight!

Betty is sad about the cost of gas.
We are too, but we had a great time!


Pargolo said...

Congrats on being done with law school! feels good, doesn't it? congrats too to your little bro, and happy birthday. I hope your grandmother is feeling better. May the next year promise all sorts of new adventures for you and the knight, and betty too!

The Pink Highlighter said...

Congrats and happy birthday! I should have dog-napped Betty when I was in Knoxville last week. She's so adorable.

JDub said...

LOVE the picture of Betty on top of the gas pump!!! I seriously laughed out loud!

Lana said...

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