I am currently studying for a Labor Relations exam. I don't really know why I took this class except that it fit into my schedule and has an exam similar to a torts final. I love the prof, but honestly, the information is unbearably dry. Plus, I am about to graduate soon. See me? Explaining away my bad labor grade before I even take the exam? Because that is what I'm doing, rationalizing my impending failure in this class.

Anyway, this morning Daisy and I went to have our trainer physically "assess" us which basically entails weighing us, calculating our Body Mass Index/Fat Content, and then running a mile. I am a little put out by my fat content, which I can't bring myself to bare on the innernet, but is on the high end of healthy. On the other hand, Daisy and I ran a mile in under 9 minutes. I was particularly proud of this considering that I have been training for the 5K, but to date have not ran longer than 5 minutes (following Cool Running's Couch Potato Plan).

I got Betty back from the groomer yesterday, and boy does she ever have a summer cut. I told the groomer to cut it close b/c her hair grows so fast, but I wasn't quite prepared for Betty's new do. She looks more like a Beagle right now than a Yorkie-Poo. It is growing on me. For some reason, she always looks more feminine to me after she has had a haircut. Maybe it is because she is really such a tiny, delicate little dog, but with all that hair, she can look downright stocky.

Yesterday a fly flew into our apartment, and Betty spent a good two hours hunting the poor fly. Betty's pretty quick, but no match for an insect with wings. She would sit on her haunches, eyes following the fly's path, begin smacking her doggie lips, and then pounce or hop, depending on Mr. Fly's location. Finally, I reopened the window and ushered the fly back out into the world, and I swear I heard Betty whimper with sadness.

When I have my camera, I'll put a picture of her with her new haircut.

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ashleystravel said...

Good luck on exams! It's almost over.

I just found out I will be spending my summer in TN. Any recommendations for fun stuff in the Knoxville area???

JDub said...

Murphy chased a fly around the house tonight, too. He didn't catch it...

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