Crazy Tornado Time - Big Winds of Change are A'blowing.

I promise I have not died. I have been boycotting the library because it stresses me out, and I don't have internet at home. I apologize for my lack of blogginess.

I have one last final on Friday (Crim Pro) and then I am totally done. Yippee!

Realquicklikethis...I wanted to tell you a few things going on in my life.

First, my adorable little big brother graduated. I will post pictures...maybe tomorrow. Also, I know, you are all still dying to see the little ratdog that Betty has turned into since her haircut.

So, he graduated, and we are all very proud, and many tears were shed. Also, I am now 26! Or celebrating my first anniversary of my 25th birthday. You decide.

On the way back from Tulsa, the Knight and I stopped in Memphis and found an apartment! We are renting for 8 months in an area called Cordova, and for the first time since saying our vows, we will have two bedrooms. And two bathrooms. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven, I am so excited. So long 550 square foot apartment, hello 1100 square foot mansion!

We are pumped. Our plan is to buy a house within those 8 months, hence the 8 month lease.

Next, did I mention that I am moving to Oklahoma City for the summer? No? Well, just last week, it was decided. I have been keeping it under wraps because I've been trying to work things out with my landlord and BarBri, but everything is officially a go. The Knight has already left for his training, and I am following him out there at the end of this month. We are moving to OK City b/c that is where the Knight does his super top secret air traffic control training, and then at the end of July, just as I am writing my last TN bar exam essay, he will be done with his training too, and we will move to Memphis. And live together. Another thing we have rarely done since first experiencing wedded bliss.

I will be studying for the bar via iPod, and already I have visions of learning all about commercial paper will enjoying the sun and pool under my 45 spf layer of sunscreen.

Oh! Another awesome thing about moving there for the summer? The place we are staying is furnished, so I don't have to worry about moving all of our junk out there for a few months and then move it on to Memphis.

One sad thing is that the Knight won't be here for my graduation. I was sad initially, but really, what is the point anyway? It is a photo op for our parents and a time for all of us law students to get together one more time and do what the administration tells us to. So, I'm over it. Really, I think his not being there is symbolic of my law school career. He hasn't been able to be a part of most of my law school life because he worked in Nashville and commuted to Knoxville on the weekends. I am ready to final have a normal relationship with my husband - and live in the same place for a while.

So, here I was, being all tough and brave about the Knight not being here for my graduation, and today my mom calls and says that she might not be able to come either. My grandmother stepped out of her bed and collapsed to the ground this morning. Her back is in a great deal of pain, and she cannot walk. The doctors don't know what is wrong with her, but they are scheduling an MRI tomorrow. Depending on what the tests show, she may have to have some sort of major back surgery, and of course my mom will need to stay with her.

I know I can't be selfish, and if I were in my mom's shoes, I know I would do the exact same thing. That being said, I really wanted my mom to get to enjoy Knoxville for the weekend, see my apartment, and get to meet all of my friends. I am a little sad that she might not be able to come either, but even more worried about the reason she is staying. So, if you are a prayer, please keep my Grandma Vidae in your prayers. She needs it!

Okay, I'm diving back in to the non-navigable waters of the Crim Pro ocean. Holding my nose...Now.


Anastasia said...

Oh, I'm so glad all of the living/bar stuff has worked and you guys will be together. 1100 square feet is awesome. If I ever get a house I do not want it to be much bigger than that. Sorry about your mom and your grandma. It is a major bummer when you've worked so hard and loved ones won't be able to attend for reasons beyond their control. I'll be there in spirit cheering you on. I can't believe we're all growing up! It's been so nice to watch my handful of bloggers go through the year. I'm happy for all of you 3L's, but I wonder if I'll ever see you guys again!

ashleystravel said...

I did want to wish you a Happy Birthday and Congrats on finishing school!!!!

Just a little bit behind with the blog reading... finals and all.

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