Commencement is about to commence.

Just when I think I am learning to be more like Martha, I discover this in my fridge:

Seriously, how long has this hummus been in my home undetected? I guarantee you that the french onion dip never sees this kind of abuse.

Thoughts while watching TV on Tuesday:

PCD: The Search For The Next Doll (the highlight of my evening)

"Classy and Sassy?" See my earlier thoughts on slutty slut v. classy slut. Still no clarification. We're waiting any day, Robyn...

Melissa S., you better quit running your mouth about Chelsea. She once weighed almost 200 lbs and I know she could take you.

Boob pads? In dance practice? Cut Melissa R. some slack! And Mr. Dance Teacher, I don't think you need boob pads to make yourself feel feminine. You are doing quite fine without them, thank you.

Anastasia, you are totally making a stinky smelly face.

Asia, you are not a good singer. Quit patting your microphone while singing into it. It is not a baby, puppy, or anything other thing that requires patting. It is quite annoying. As are you.

Chelsea, I'm tired of the bangs. But you sure can sing.

(personal opinion: I think that the competition will come down b/w Melissa R. and Chelsea. Melissa R. is adorable, an incredible dancer, and she can belt it. Chelsea isn't the best dancer, but she is decent and I think her singing makes up for it. On the other hand, Melissa R. is struggling with if she really wants to be a PCD b/c of her morals (seriously honey, could you not have thought about this before you tried out?) and it would just be so interesting if the girl who won isn't completely sold on the idea of being a PCD)

Gilmore Girls:

Logan's looking puffy. Post-Chandler'ish rehab puff, possibly?

And Rory? That teacher is not cute.

Why does Lorelei walk like a duck? Quack, quack, waddle, waddle.

I wonder what kind of flowers I would want at Betty Rascal's funeral? Purple?

Boston Legal:

Of course Denise doesn't close her eyes when she's having sex with you, Brad, you have the body of a god! That doesn't mean she loves you.

Oh my, she does love you. Wow.

1 little Republican in charge of Homeland Security? Denise? What is happening to you?

Denise is cute preggers.

Poor Ken Doll is lonely. Hotness and lonely. How does that happen?

I want to be a judge. They always get to know the dirt first. And I want that judge's glasses. I could be the next Harriet Potter.

Denny, you know that Phyllis Diller would be way more fun than Raquel Welch. Go for it.

Alan Shore is so odd. Odd little man. Berries and cream! Berries and Cream!


In other news, I am very excited. My birthday is coming soon, and for the first time in 8 years, I am going to celebrate my birthday with my family.

Since my birthday always falls in the middle of exams, I haven't been with my family to celebrate it since I started college. Plus, they live in Tulsa, so it isn't really convenient for them to pop in for a quick study break to eat some cake. And jump in the lake. And act real fake. Okay, I'm done with rhyming.

Anywho, my little big brother is graduating from college and the Knight and I are going to drive to Tulsa, watch him graduate, and then drive back to Tennessee. A lot of driving for a couple of days, I know, but plane tickets are so expensive, plus I don't really want to fly with Betty, and this way the Knight can come too, so I'm a tad bit pumped. I love road trips. Even if 95% of the road trip is on I-40.

So, I've been thinking about good graduation gifts for little big bro. I thought about getting him some sterling cuff links with his initials hand-engraved, but then mom reminded me that he has enough trouble finding dress shirts (he's 6'6", muscle-y, and lean with go-go Gadget arms), and she really doesn't think that giving him a gift that requires to find dress shirts with french cuffs is something I should do.

I defer to her opinion, so now I'm asking for help. Here is my gift criteria. I want it to be something he'll keep for a long time. I want it to be something he won't give away or outgrow. And it needs to be $100-ish. Thoughts? Here are a few things I have considered, but none just "jump" out at me.

Fancy clock.
Tailgating Cooler with Grill.
Business Card Holder.
Money clip. (do guys even use these?)
Briefcase/Computer Bag.


ashleystravel said...

First off... EWWW!!!

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, my suggestion would be a watch. It could destroy your price range if you want it to be really nice, but you should be able to get a good one for $100-ish. Unless he is not a watch wearing person. Then you could always engrave a pocket watch, but that is for older people... Wow! this is a tough one! Good luck!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Great idea, Ashley. Thanks!

Pargolo said...

watch is a great idea!
I got my little brother a sterling silver keyring, with a model of an oar blade that is about 1.5 inches hanging off it. (there was a woman in seattle who was a silversmith who does it.) Little Brother rowed in high school and college like me, but was also team captain twice, so that's why i chose the oar blade. On it i had engraved his name, the date of graduation, and "per aspera ad astra" - from the thickets to the stars.
it was about $100 all told.

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