What horrible injustice was done to you that you have to act this way?

Don't have much to say, but thought I should get the butt beads post off the front page and moved down to get lost in bloglivion. But here I go talking about those beads again, so I'll have to do the same thing to this post.

Thoughts on icing and cookies. They go really well together and make me quite happy. Which came first, the icing or the cookie? I wish they could be a great way to lose weight. I am in the midst of being a big fan right now.

Betty and I went to the vet yesterday to get her third round of vaccines. After using $156 of my precious dollars and learning that in the past month she had gained a whopping .15 lbs bigger (now she weighs 2.15 lbs!), Betty trotted home and promptly slagged around all day. She was a little mopey, but mostly adorable and cuddly. While I don't want my doggie to be lethargic all the time, I have to admit that all day I kept muttering to myself "Hi, can I get a vaccine for my puppy every day?"

OH YEAH, BETTY SAYS HI! And she doesn't have any grodey parasites any more!

So, my spring break plans are sad. A wonderful friend invited the Knight and I to his parents' lovely beach house, and we were all set to go, and then a big work project came up for the Knight. So, now the Knight has to stay home, and I guess I could still go, but who wants to be the single married girl on a trip with a bunch of couples? I actually do kind of want to be that person (and often am, since we don't live together right now), but I have things to do on Thursday and Friday, and don't really want to have to drive to Florida and back all by my lonesome self - with no iPod or CD player. I think I am kind of depressed about it. In fact, when I start thinking about my last Spring Break being spent doing nothing beach-ish, I want to sniffle and then do something really impulsive to make up for it. So far, I've been looking on Travelzoo trying to purchase some ridiculously cheap trip to Nassau, and then I realize that even a ridiculously cheap trip is out of my budget and the Knight still couldn't come.

So, I think instead I am going to do the following things. This is more a list for myself, since no one really gives a flip about what I do with my last week of freedom. Oh behave.

  1. I am going to get my nails and toes done. Possibly twice.
  2. I am going to paint. A picture for Daisy, b/c she asked me to and I love her, a picture that I promised the Knight last Christmas, b/c I love him, and a picture just for me, b/c I guess I love me too.
  3. I am going to go to Memphis (with the Knight). He doesn't know this yet, but I really want to go to Graceland.
  4. I am going to try to work on a website for Law Women. I am the historian, which basically means I am supposed to document all that Law Women does this year. So far, I have taken about 3 pictures. I need to do something.
  5. I am also going to try to work on my paper for Women & the Law. My topic is about off-ramping and on-ramping (when women leave work for a few years to have kids and then try to re-enter the work force).
  6. I am going to teach Betty some new tricks. She's got the "sit" thing down, but I really need her to learn "stay" and "drop it."
  7. I am going to watch all of the old episodes of "Ugly Betty" on the internet. My group of friends has a little supper club on Thursdays and they prefer the Office, so poor little Ugly Betty has been neglected. I really love her and kind of want to be her next year for Halloween. I'll still have braces.
  8. I am also going to get caught up on "What About Brian." This is a great show, but since the Learned Hand Bowling League has been in full force, I have had to miss every episode.

Things I have vowed not to do on Spring Break:

  1. Work out.
  2. Eat salad.
  3. Do chores.
  4. Get up earlier than 9:30 a.m.
  5. Throw a pity party that I'm not in Panama City.
  6. Work out.

Okay, that is all I have to say today. Oh, the title of this blog - a line from "Friends with Money." It is very weird, and quite depressing. But I still watched the whole thing, because I am a completer, and that is how I roll.

Artsy Fartsy is tired of allergies and wishes for the good old days when Sudafed still worked and you didn't have to have your ID and sign away your life just to buy some allergy medicine. Also, she wants macaroni and cheese.

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joey said...

you need to COME! you can do your "things" someother time!

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