Ho Hum Day-O

Today hasn't started off too well. I woke up this morning with a headache and discovered a new, red pimple on my chin. On my way to school, I opened my mail while carrying coffee, my purse, and my bookbag. As I was opening the umpteenth rejection letter, I spilled coffee all down my new white linen halter top. Then I get to school, set my laptop back on the table, and my laptop bag falls over, promptly dumping my newly fixed laptop on the floor. Thankfully, it still works, but only seems to work now when plugged in. Then, I log on to my computer and Mozilla Firefox has updated itself, yet again, promptly deleting all of my bookmarks (yet again). I had quite a list of websites I had bookmarked for my research paper which are now lost. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed and waited for the sun to rise tomorrow morning before bravely facing law school.

As I promised; here are two more weird things about me, thus completing my MeMe. Also, as part of the MeMe obligation, I am tagging Hippo Noodles and The Pink Highlighter.

1. I do a very good impression of Janice. You know, Chandler's ex-girlfriend on Friends? Really, I do. Oh, Cha-a-a-a-ndler! Ha Ha Ha Ha.

2. For a long time, I dreamed of being a music video creative director. I'm not sure if that is the correct title, but basically I wanted to be the person who comes up with the concept for the video of each artist's songs and direct its production. I think I would be very good at this job because I am random, creative, love musicians, and have a lot of show-bizziness in me. Plus, even now, when I listen to a new song, sometimes a vision flashes in my brain that I think would be a good idea for its music video.

Finally, let me tell you a little story about my dad. Every year of childhood that I could read, I could expect a scholarly book under the Christmas Tree with a note telling my brother and I that if we would read this book, my dad would pay each of us $20. We usually grumbled about it, but eventually accepted his offer, read the book and got our money. The books ranged in religious works, AP level books (which I later had to reread...for those AP English classes), and a variety of other subjects.

There was one book that I especially did not want to read due to its apparent idiocy (to me) and its thickness. The book that I am talking about is "How To Read A Book" by Adler and Van Doren. I negotiated getting more money (I think maybe up to $25?) after making my pleading case. Then, I proceeded to read it. If there is one book that I am thankful to my dad for making me read, it is this one (of course, I never told him that - I wanted my $25 bucks to count). Not only did it help me understand how to critically read, but also it make me appreciate what authors go through when writing anything. My favorite part of the book was the list in the back of a suggested reading list if you truly wanted to be an educated American. I have been wanting to find this list for a while, but for one reason or another, kept putting off doing the obligatory Google search to locate it.

Today, I decided it was high time to be academic and quit reading chick-lit (just finished "The Dirty Girls Social Club, sucias!) for a while (not that I will ever quit reading such bubbly fun fiction, but I am almost a grown-up and I feel I need to bone up on my meatier reading).

Here is the link and a list of the books.


Anastasia said...

Wow, that's quite a list of White. Dead. Men.

joey said...

Clearly...if you're read(and understood) all those books you are a nerd and have NO life!

Pargolo said...

actually, i wanted to thank you for posting these. I supposedly had a classical education, and I wanted to figure out where the gaps were that I could fill. This makes it much more helpful.

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