Hard to believe.

On Sunday, I watched a rerun of the second Pussycat Doll Tryout Reality Show (aka The Search For the Next Sex Kitten). I felt the need to capitalize each and every word in that title because the show is that important and fabulous. Okay, not really, but for some reason I just can't turn it off. Maybe it is because at some point in my teen life I would have liked to be a Pussycat Doll for a day and also because I think the show is hilarious.

ANYway, in this episode, the 9 girls vying for the illustrious position of the next "Doll" split up in groups of three to perform pop songs made famous by other groups and have a surprise "challenge." The show's basic setup mirrors America's Next Top Model, but with less weaves.

Okay, so, there is all kinds of drama with the three girl groups. Behaving like typical females in a competitive group, the weaker ones get singled out and ignored by the (apparently) more talented ones, and a whole lot of back stabbing goes on. Gosh, I feel like I'm back in college!

The challenge for the episode was for each of the girls to dance in a glass box in lingerie at a bar. The challenges was supposed to be able to gauge their "confidence" and "dancing ability." Each girl got up in the box, danced like a stripper, and then got applauded for it. There is this one girl, I think her name is Brittany, who, according to the judges and the dance coach, danced too sluttily for the Pussycat Dolls.

Stop there. They were just told to dance. With shreds of clothing. In a glass box. Elevated above everyone else. For a ton of patrons in a bar. What do they expect? Isn't that the point of the Pussycat Dolls? To be a group of sexual dance kittens?

Anyway, poor little Britt Britt obviously was as confused as I was, and was sent home for dancing like a slut. Poor thing.

So, the lesson we can learn from this episode is that there is fine line between classy slut and slutty slut. Apparently, PCD only wants classy sluts. As soon as I clearly understand what criteria is required for the classy slut v. the slutty slut, I will let you know.


Anastasia said...


Cella Bella said...

OMG, speaking of awesome, can we PLEASE talk about the awesomeness of the PCDP:TSFTND* commercial where the weirdly unattractive redhead bawls, "It's not easy, okay you guys?" which such sincerity, like she was truly speaking the words of her heart and not like, the most cliched statement ever uttered by every 11 year old in America? Because that? Was AWESOME.

*That's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, for the uninitiated.

Pargolo said...

oh my god. the minute I think reality tv couldn't go anymore downhill, there it is.
Your "classy slut" vs "slutty slut" made me chortle in the law library. Some sourpuss shusshed me.
anyway, i've tagged you for something. the details are in my last blog's post. feel free to decline - we're all busy this time of year.

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