Whoopsie Poopsie!

Hey everyone! Hi! How are you?

I am very, very good. Thanks for asking! Yes, I have some exciting news for all to hear. Lately, it seems that's all my life has been lately. Newsy newsiness news.

Last night, the Knight came to Knoxville. This is not unusual, as this is basically what he does each weekend. He usually shows up on Thursday night with his rolling suitcase, a few hanging clothes, and stays until Sunday night.

So, when he arrived last night, nothing was different. Well maybe except for this goofy lopsided grin he had. He showed up a little earlier than I had anticipated, but other than that - same ole, plain ole.

I grabbed his clothes to put in the closet, while blabbering and apologizing that the bedroom was still a disaster, why are you here so early? how was your drive? I made pork for dinner! why are you laughing at me? (I had been under the impression I still had two more hours - US Weekly is such a cleaning distraction).

I turn around to grab his suitcase, and what do I see but a little ball of puppy waddling on the carpet in our bedroom! I will always have that image in my head - her little white and chocolate body of puff snooting around and learning all about her new home. Apparently, while I was in my verbal vomiting mode talking to the Knight about all the events of the week, little Miss Betty Rascal had been getting acquainted with my underwear, socks, and piles of shoes (remember - messy bedroom).

I have been in a state of sheer giddiness and euphoria ever since. We had been talking about getting a puppy to keep me company during the week for a while, but since the Knight is allergic (I kind of am too), we never thought we could have a little indoor dog. However, as I mentioned a month ago, we visited the Knight's cousin and fell in love with their little Yorkie-Poo, Miss MacClean. Yorkie-Poos are little or no shedders and substantially hypoallergenic. During our stay, the Knight didn't have one reaction, and their house never once smelled like doggie. Since then, I have been wearing the Knight out with repeated and soulful requests that we go get one.

Well, now we do! I present to you the lovely Miss Betty Rascal in all her glory:

Betty and Papa:

She is nothing but a tiny poof! of fur. 7 week old 1 & 1/2 pound poof.

I am very busy now being a doggie parent. Who knew that one tiny little creature could create so much poop and pee?

(Hmm. I think I'll poop now.)

And hello? Paper training? It is very hard. Never have I been so attuned to watching for the "squat" in my life. I swear she hovers on my rug just to make me jump from across the room, sprint to her, swoop her up, and hurriedly place her on her paper spot. It must be quite entertaining to watch!

Well, I am off to go play with Queen Froofiness! I'll post soon!


Anastasia said...

Such a cutie! Congrats on your new arrival!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Thanks! We are very happy to finally have her.

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