News! News! News!

In case you hadn't gathered it from the title, I have news.

Lots of news. Very exciting news.

First of all, my best friend from college/kindred spirit and her boyfriend are ENGAGED! They got engaged on Christmas Eve and are getting married on 07/07/07. Here is the happy couple:

And here (what we all really care about) is the ROCK:

(Please disregard the that massive vaccum-like apparatus that appears to have been at one time my mouth)

Isn't it and she beautiful!?! I am so excited about being the matron of honor. I am a little apprehensive about being able to fully execute my matronly duties while studying for the bar, but I feel that I can step up to the white, fluffy, lacy and floral challenge.

Second, my couch is ready! After waiting so much time that I almost forgot I had ordered a couch, they finally call and tell me it is ready. So, if you are a reader and live in Knoxville, can I borrow your truck? Because I really need to go pick it up. Thanks.

Third (and this is really big) - the Knight found out that he has been picked to work in Memphis! Picked you say? What is he a fruit? A vegetable? Well, no, he is not, but if he was, I think he would be a tomato. Rosy and versatile. Or maybe a potato. For being so comforting and wholesome.

Okay, so instead of fantasizing about my husband being a tuber, let me tell you what he got picked for. Hi good grammar. That book learning did me good!

A long time ago, the Knight and I went to Lipscomb University. That is where we met. He graduated with a psychology degree and promptly put that degree to work by going into the construction industry. A year later, he got his private pilot's license and got the aviation bug. I think he already had the bug, but it was just intensified after he got up in the air all by his little handsome self.

He went back to school, got another degree in flight dispatch at MTSU, jumped through all kinds of fiery hoops, and has been waiting on the FAA to call him to be an air traffic controller ever since. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And finally, he talked to this nice lady today, and she told him that he had been picked for Memphis!

We are so excited. It will still probably be 6 months to a year before he is actually working as an air traffic controller, but knowing where we are going is a big drop in the FAA bucket. The Knight is one step closer to having his dream job and the stress of not being able to even look for my first big girl lawyer job is gone. Before, I had no clue where we would get sent, so I couldn't look for a job. Which made me really sad - because who doesn't love putting together resumes and writing cover letters? Not me. I live for sucking up to faceless names and bragging "I'm the best. Pick me!"

So, we are happy and full of big dreams and so in love. You can all go puke now and I'll just go on with my sappy self.

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Anastasia said...

Yay! Congrats!!

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