Come in for a cup of coffee, a lazy afternoon, and good book.

See this picture? This is the spot in my apartment that makes me happiest.

For the longest time, the Knight and I had a futon handed down from his sister and her husband. While we were very thankful for their generosity, our tooshies were not. Sitting on that thing for more than 15 minutes caused an unusual numbness that could only be cured by standing up. Not really the type of feeling you want from one of the three pieces of furniture we own made for reclining (the other two being our bed and a chair).

But now? Now we have this beautiful down-filled, chenille covered sagey/minty/limey green couch which I love so much I actually slept on it last night.

Who knew that owning a couch could bring one girl so much giddy happiness?


sognatrice said...

Just found your blog through blogher and although I'll be looking around a bit more, I wanted to comment here before I forget. For starters, I'm a law school survivor, but what I really wanted to say is that your couch is adorable and looks so very comfy *and* that I have a similar bonsai (mine's a ficus) :)

erikaboo said...

Mine's a ficus too! His name is Fonz the Bonz and I love him very much. I just can't bring myself to do the proper grooming of a bonsai because all that clipping and wiring looks like it might hurt him.

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