Allow me to introduce you to Secret Lover # 1:

Okay - posting is going to be light for the next 2 weeks as I am seriously studying my ace off. Getting out of the 2L vortex couldn't be any more dreadful. Since I am on a partial hiatus, here is my promise:

I promise to send you to a new, fun, and exciting website each day. I recognize that this is a risk - it's like introducing your new boyfriend to your foreign supermodel friend. What if he leaves me and stays with her? I like you all, dear readers. I like you all so much that I consider you my new boyfriends (and I guess, girlfriends). In the end, I hope you'll keep me. But for the next two weeks - you have license to cheat.

Then in two weeks, when you have had enough of my foreign supermodel friends, you'll realize - I might be suspiciously crazy and just a little bit fat, but I do speak decent English and don't make you eat weird things like Swedish Stromming (Baltic Herring) or Brazilian Rabada (Oxtail in Celery Sauce)- and for that, you'll luff me.

I hope that at the end of this separation, you'll tell me which SECRET LOVER was your favorite. Heck, I might even create a poll or something equally dorky just to find out. Not sure about this yet.

Okay - so for the first Secret Lover, I have to warn you. She is quite addictive. And a little demanding (you have to create an account - but its free). But she puts out. A LOT. I almost guarantee that your little tryst with her could last for days (almost guarantee b/c I'm in law school and unsure of the breadth of guarantee law. So, I'll err on the safe side).

Daisy and I spent countless hours (okay mostly me by myself) uploading photos of ourselves to this thing. I saw it on "the View," and while I don't think it is that accurate, it is fun when the innernet tells me I look like Mischa Barton and Bouncy (Stu's name for Beyonce). Okay - truth be told, it also said I look like Oprah and Sally Field, but that will be our little secret. What is also HILARIOUS is when you upload pictures of your friends/enemies. Much giggling, guffawing, and belly-laughing will follow. Again, I almost guarantee it. Unless you are much cooler than I. Which is quite possible. But I've heard that even the coolest of people enjoy this little website.

Enjoy - and I hope the inneret says you all look like Elizabeth Hurley and Paul Walker. I know it will - because you are all GORGEOUS and SPARKLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!


Wow. I don't usually post about heavy things but ... wow. This brave little girl endured so much. For a very poignant photo essay, go here.

What fascinates me is that during all of this horrific abuse she was driven to survive - to live. I think that if I would have been subjected to such terrible treatment, I would have curled up and died.

She has survived to tell her story. Let's hope her story awakens the world to such human cruelty.


Hakuna Matata and other related issues...

Today I had a bit of a spat with one of my friends. I have an account on Facebook, and in my profile there is a portion for my favorite quotes. 2 of the quotes were things that I had said during Spring Break that signified funny drunken memories that I shared with my friends.
After receiving a scathing comment from one of my friends about the fact that I had posted two of my own comments on my wall and that I must be so impressed with myself, I had a bit of a freak out. I completely eradicated any sign of a remotely arrogant comment, and then proceeded to send my friend a message letting my friend know how much my feelings were hurt. Needless to say, I was upset. I probably wasted about an hour of my life stressing out about such a silly little thing. Later I learned that my friend was just kidding and giving me a hard time. Gosh, I am such a drama queen.

We smoothed things over, and now sitting in my apartment, I realized what a little weanie I am. I HATE IT when people are mad/displeased/ unamused with me. Tonight, my friend and I hung out (all's good -so why not share a happy margarita?). We were rehashing our experiences of the spat from both sides, and at one point my friend said, "toughen up - you have to have a thicker skin if you are going to be a lawyer."
At first I was a little mad - why do I have to toughen up? Why can't my friend and the world be less mean? If I toughen up, does that mean by default that I am accepting a world that becomes more crass and ill-mannered every day? I don't know - and these really aren't questions I want to answer after drinking 10 margaritas.

So instead of thinking further about such troubling things, here is a little ditty for you! After thinking about getting a "thick skin," my thoughts drifted to Pumbaa of the Lion King. The song goes:

"That's right. Take Pumbaa here--
Why, when he was a young warthog...
When I was a young wart hog
Very nice
He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal
He could clear the savannah after every meal
I'm a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned
And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
And oh, the shame
He was ashamed
Thought of changin' my name What's in a name?
And I got downhearted How did ya feel?
Everytime that I...
Hey! Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
Oh. Sorry
Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!

Okay so, I know you all loved reading the lyrics to one of my favorite songs,
but seriously, Pumbaa had a serious problem. I mean, farting in public is just
unacceptable. But he just did it anyway - with no worry of the respective
consequences. And you know? He got made fun of, but he still gave in to nature's urges.

So, what I'm saying is that I recognize that I need to be a bit more confident. A
bit more thick skinned. A little more worry free and a bit less concerned about what
others think of me (but don't worry, if you are ever "downwind" from me, I promise
I'll hold back!).


Here with a little help for my friends...

As many of you may know - Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 14th). Many of us will be finishing our exams right around that time, and I dare say, not giving Mother's Day much thought.

So, my friends, I am going to help you (and myself - b/c I have nooo idea what to get my mom or even harder, my mother-in-law). Depending on your budget, there are a lot of really nice things to give your mom that you can buy right from the dang innernet. You don't even have to go to the store. Now if only I could avoid paying with my own money....

$5 and under:
For those of you who are really lazy, here is a website that will actually mail the card to your mother (once you personalize it of course) for the cost of the card plus postage.

Okay, ya'll - stop right there. If you think a card is all you need to send her, then this card is for you. (But really - at least get her some flowers or something). Not really sure what "oppop" is, but I think you can figure it out :).

For the hip mom, you can get a toe ring for only $5! Or if your mom is a little more traditional (like mine), get her some of these nice notecards. Sooo cute!

For moms who like their spaces to smell good, this website has all kinds of soothing, spa-ish type stuff which looks wonderful and perfect for any place.

Okay, so enough with the $5 and under. Let's move on.

$10 and under:
Surely you can afford to spend $10 on old mom - that's only like two cocktails! Ungrateful children! So - I think these are just so darling - your mom can put all her sweet little keepsakes in here! I know that the bigger ones are technically more than $10, but just forget about that. Okay?

OR... you could get this for her (and possibly yourself - even boys need stuff for their home). Even on sale - just for you! Another wonderful sale item - is - this! So clean and pure. Just like your mother's love for you! If you are like me, and hate just giving one thing, you could also bake some cookies (don't worry - Break and Bake works wonders!) and tie a pretty grosgrain ribbon around it!

Just in case your mom likes Lucky Charms, is Irish, loves the story about Noah, and/ or is a member of the gay and lesbian community, this a very cute site for her! All kinds of cute rainbow rings. Makes me think about a pot of gold and matching animals!

Because I love vases and moms adore flowers, I suggest this gift also. Its very simple and would probably go with almost any decor. And its only $9.99!

Think back to when you were little, snuggling up to mom in church or somewhere else where you had to be quiet and sit with your parents. Remember how nice and soft mom smelled? Kind of like powder, laundry detergent, apple pie, and white linen all rolled up into one joyous sniff. This gift can help your mom keep her wonderful smells. What fashionable houndstooth as well!

$15 and under:
If you really want to personalize a gift for your lovely mom, these are a perfect choice. Aren't they sooo lovely? I particularly love the mermaid set. They make me want to be a mom, just so someone will buy these for me! (hint to all my friends for my upcoming birthday, hint, hint, hint).

For the mom who wants to do everything, but stretches herself thin so she doesn't have to time to do anything particularly well - this is the perfect gift for her! So fun! So easy. So fun to say! Say it! Say it! S-c-a-t-t-e-r-G-a-r-d-e-n-s! Yahoo! Her friends will see her effortless garden and be so envious.

Also, these are quite hilarious. Wonderfully weird. Enough said.

A little more expensive, but totally worth it:
Okay, so I was trying to keep this list relatively cheap, but there were just a few things that I had to show you. These are things I am definitely contemplating giving, but don't tell my husband. We'll just tell him what I saved, and that will be that.

First, I am an apron person. They are practical and sexy in a very 1950's way. One time, I baked dinner for Stu in nothing but an apron and high heels and he loved it! Now your mom could do the same for her husband/wife/significant other. EWWWWW!

Just for saying that, I should be banished from the blogging community, but before you banish me, look at this cute apron. And this one. Both very darling. One quite sassy, the other quite traditional. It's like Edie Britt and Bree Van De Kamp in apron form.

Okay - see what I mean? You should forgive me. What? You do? Then what are we waiting for? Let's move on to the next fabulous gift!

Moms like nice bowls to put stuff in. Bowls are very practical - you can use them to hold washcloths in the bathroom, decorative balls on the coffee table, fill it with water and floating flowers for the dining room table, or of course - put food in them. This gift is like the Mary Poppins gift - practically perfect in every way.

If you think that you are a precious gem and you have a mother, this is the perfect gift to give. Get it? "Mother of Pearl?" *sigh* Okay - I know that was a corny joke, but I'm trying here - okay?

Let's say your mom likes to drink wine? "My mom likes to drink wine." Wasn't that fun to say together? Well, if your mom likes/loves/is obsessed with drinking wine, then this is the book for her. She won't even have to watch Sideways, yet she will be of the utmost educated group regarding wine.

Okay, that is all for now. I'm sure I have sufficiently bored the boys reading this and possibly the girls too. But remember, Mother's Day is right around the corner! Won't Mom be pleased when her dear little Timmy or Jane comes home with pretty wrapped gifts in tow? You bet she will. And it never hurts to have Mom on your side, say -- when you are out of money, need someone to take care of you when you are sick, or have 87 1/2 loads of laundry.

So, enjoy the tips, and I'll try to write more later! Oh, and speaking of moms (this is for Dothard) Your mom is the town ranch dressing - everyone's had a dip! Ohhhh!




Hi! Did you miss me? Really? Me too! It has been so lonely without all of you asking me about my towels and my nanny and saying "bless you" so quickly when I sneeze 17 times, in a row, very loudly, in the middle of class.

Good news - I found some allergy medicine that makes me feel better. It is generic, OTC stuff and I don't even have to sign my life away to purchase it (thanks to the meth boom) because it is pseudophedrine free (don't know if that is spelled right, but I am just too lazy to google it right now).

Okay - so do you really want to know how disgusting I am? Do you? Because if I tell you this, you have to promise me not to make fun of me in person. Because I am about to divulge to you a very deep, dark, embarrassing secret. If you tell, I will deny. I would deny so much that Jack Bauer would be proud. In fact, I would deny so well that he would take my classes on denial. Kicking butts and taking names. That's me people - if you tell my secret.

Promise? You will? Ah- hah! I see you back there- the red-headed one with his fingers crossed! No crosses count...OKAY HERE IT GOES- - - - - -

I ate candy out of my trash can. EEEEk. Don't tell anyone!!!!

Yeeeees, I know it is disgusting and ridiculous and shows how I obviously missed my calling as a homeless person. But let me at least explain.

I come from a very "healthy" family. And by healthy, I mean that food is that last thing we ever refrain from enjoying. All of the women in my family are extremely bootylicious (bless you Beyonce for making curves sexy again). We all got da booty (and the thighs) (and the fleshy arms) (and even the soft tummies). If the Renaissance look was in style, we would be supermodels.

Sooo - I have always been very careful about watching my weight and what I put in my mouth. When I got married, I gained some significant weight, and the last 2 years have been a constant battle of food v. image.

Okay - fast forward from last spring to this spring. Daisy and I started Weight Watchers and we were doing fairly well. Then we got back from Spring Break, discovered we were flat broke, and stopped paying to go weigh in. Which brings me to the here and now.

Yikes - I need to stay on the subject - candy in the trash.

Right. Okay, so I did WW with Daisy up until Spring Break. I lost about 8 lbs and was feeling pretty cute. Then I got back from Spring Break and have decided that evidently, since I am so skinny and everything, I can eat everything in sight and it won't affect little ole' me! Well, I have news for you - it has. Already. I feel chubby and disgusting. So, the last week, I have starting counting Points (the WW way to track your food) and steering clear of sweets and Cheetos. Sad.

Well, Tuesday night, Daisy and I fell off the bandwagon. We went on a candy frenzy and between the 2 of us, we bought Milk Duds, Raisinettes, Reese's Pieces, movie theater popcorn, sea salt and olive oil potato chips, and CANDY CORN! And then we proceeded to eat it. All.

Candy corn is our ultimate weakness, and I am truly convinced that it solves several life and world problems. Misguided boyfriends, disloyal friends, ill relatives - all problems go away when candy corn enters the room. If only terrorists were appeased by the little triangular pieces of orange tinted happiness. Sigh.

Okay, so Daisy had bought me a bag of candy corn because she loves me. And I loved her until I got to my apartment and realized it was just me and the candy corn. Face to face. A colossal dual. This is how it went down:

Boo and Candy Corn - A One Act Play
Scene I - The Meeting
(Italian duel music in background - Erikaboo and Candy Corn circle one another, eyeing each other very suspiciously)

Candy Corn, I see it is just you and me.

Candy Corn (CC speaks in an Italian accent): Yezzz, zeet eez juast youz and mez.

Boo: What do you think we should do?

CC: I zink you should eat mez.

Boo: I don't think I should - you are such a temptation and you make me so unhappy when I step on the scale and see the weight I have gained.

Scene II - The Tempting

CC: Do not be zilly, my zweet dahling. Youz luff me. I make youz happy. Youz are alwayz sooo delighted when you zee my lufly orange package.

Boo: You do have a point there.

CC: Besides, do youz not zee on my package - RRRight here? I ziz "fat free." Zeee, my dahling - not a problem for you anymore!

Boo: Well, fat is a main concern, but what about calories?

CC: Calories. Wh-at are zoze? I zee no calories on me. Are zey a type of leetle bug?

Boo: Sigh. No - they are part of what gives us energy and if consumed in excess, make us fat.

CC: Ah, bella, zee answer ziz zimple. Do not eat me in excezz. Then you have no problem.

Scene III - Will She Give In?
(Boo picks up Candy Corn and lovingly cradles him in her arms, considering...)

Boo: (thoughtfully)
You are the Casanova of Candy! You are the Sweetest of Sweets. You do taste decadently wonderful. And you don't have that many calories. I could always just run more tomorrow.

CC: Zat is right, my dahling. I am the Cazanova of Candy. One night with me ziz worth a year'z worth of extra running.

Boo: (envisioning self running an extra year for one night of passion) No! I can't. Because I can't resist you, I must rid myself of you! We cannot be together anymore! Good bye my Casanova! Good bye my love!

(Boo dramatically sweeps the bag off the counter, grabs the scissors, cuts the bag, and dumps the candy into the full trashcan, right on top of a bunch of discarded magazines.)

Zeee End.

Okay, so that is how it happened. That is how my candy got in the trash. Technically, it wasn't really in the trash. It was on the top of the trash - mostly on top of some discarded magazines. So, there Mr. Casanova sat all night and day. Taunting me. Luring me near him. "Hellooo, me bella. Come and enjoyz mez. I am delish-iouz."

I should have taken the magazines and dumped the candy into the dark depths of the trash can, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Casanova was still there. And I didn't touch it all day. In fact, it didn't even cross my mind that he was still present. Until about 12:30 at night.

I was working on an assignment (last minute as usual) and was struck with an insatiable craving for sugar. First I raided my pantry, but because I am such a good dieter, it was all gone. I considered eating a big spoonful of brown sugar, but thought that would be just disgusting. In my third swoop in the kitchen, it hit me ---- the candy corn. Sitting there, looking as innocent as can be.

I remember thinking to myself "Really, self? Are you really going to consider eating disposed candy?" and then self decided "Yep!"

It was just a little handful carefully picked off of the top. It was about as unhygenic as eating candy out of a candy bowl. Regardless of how I justify it, the fact still remains that I still ate candy out of the trash. And I gave in to the Casanova of Candy.

The moral of the story: If you don't want me to eat your candy corn, putting it in the trash is not the solution. Possibly flushing it down the toilet might work, but I wouldn't bet on it. Possibly you could lock it in a safe. Maybe throwing it in a nest of spiders or roaches. Yes, I think that could work. I hate spiders and roaches far more than I love candy corn. And that is some strong hate, my friends.

Okay - bye for now. But remember - you promised. Not a soul. Shhh!


Ifth ydou see me tooday, und I dalk like dees, itd ith becausthe I am dallergic to lawd school und the outdthide.

My eyeths are alreddy sthwollen sthut, und I yook like dees:


Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus, I prefer the Milky Way (candy bar).

Sorry it has taken me so long to write, but I have a lot of really good excuses. First, my computer is rebelling against me. It always does this right around exams. I freak out a few times, it laughs at me, messes with my mind and emotions, and then decides that I am an okay computer owner, and continues working.

Second, I don't have anything super interesting going on. Much about my life is pretty much the same. The towels are still missing. I am still in law school. My chili is still an honorable mention prizewinner. I am still married. See? The same. Oh - here is a picture of my adorable chili team:

What did I do this weekend? I spent the weekend in McMinnville (I was supposed to go to the funeral for Nanny, but due to the weather on Friday, we couldn't fly out like we had planned). McMinnville is wonderful and charming, but I don't do much when I am there. I mostly eat lots of chocolate, drink wine, and watch cable TV.

About the only interesting thing I did this weekend was go look at couches. Stu and I have been talking a lot about buying a new couch. We currently have a mean futon which menacingly numbs your butt if you spend more than 30 minutes sitting on it. It also has a knack for carving deep ruts in our wall, which we will either have to fix when we move or take a reduction in our deposit. Futon is bad. Futon hates.

Now I know shopping for furniture is something most young married couples do. It's like a rite of passage - right up there with graduation and tying the knot. I imagine for most couples, the idea of shopping for a couch starts like this:

Wife: "Honey, I think its time for a new couch. The one we have now is a horrid mint green paisley. Half of the springs are popping out, and it smells like the Salvation Army and your grandmother."

Husband: (grunts) (says nothing)

Wife: "Well, what do you think?"

Husband: (flipping TV channels) "Whatever you say, dear."

Wife: "Are you even listening to me? You never listen to me - always just watching the TV in your chair. You don't even care about our couch, because, because, you don't even sit on it! In fact, you don't even care about me!"

Husband: (still watching TV) "I sit on the couch."

Wife: "What about me? Do you still care about me?"

Husband: (wishing he was in the mud puddle with the hot Budweiser twins on TV) "Yes."

Wife: "So, what you're saying is--I can go get a couch?"

Husband: (grunts, picks up remote) "Whatever you say, dear."

Wife: (sighs, picks up purse, marches out to go buy couch)

Now this is what I imagine occurs with most couples. The wife is the one who recognizes the need for a new couch, picks out the new couch, possibly checks with husband on the price of the couch, and then buys the new couch. Maybe its not the most lovey dovey way to do something but it works, right?

Unfortunately (for Stu's sake), this scenario doesn't work for me. I want Stu to be involved. I have turned into the couch Nazi. The past two Saturdays I have hauled Stu out of a perfectly good Saturday snooze, yanked him into the car, and made him drive from one couch store to the next, while I inspect every possible couch, agonize over the fabric and strategically avoid the annoying salespeople. Occasionally, I ask his opinion. When I am at home, I am constantly on the computer, searching for the perfect sofa - the perfect color - the perfect price. It's driving him CRAZY.

This wouldn't be so hard on Stu if he didn't care. If he didn't care about what kind of couch we got, he could probably mimic the husband in the vignette above, minus the Budweiser Twins. But surprisingly, he actually does. I have learned that my manly, airplane-obsessed, beer drinking, often scruffy husband cares about certain home decor. A lot. In fact, when we first registered for wedding gifts, I had picked out a lot of stuff on my own. But once he saw the china, I had to change the pattern because he didn't like it. When we registered for the cooking stuff, I followed him around because he was so particular about the knives, the pans, the food processor. Now, I'm not complaining. I want him to be involved in things - its just funny that he does.

So anyway, I think we have narrowed it down to just a few couches. I will share them with you here. I really like this one and also this one. I love this one, but I'm not quite sure about the arms. The store that all of these came from is SO cute. One day when we have lots of money to buy whatever we want, I will also buy this and this. And this. I also secretly love this, but where would I put it?

But not right now. Now, I must focus on COUCH. We also went here. I didn't think they would have anything cute, but they had a lot of cute. Cindy Crawford can design some pretty furniture. I kindof like this one, but I really like this!

Later, I was surfing the web (again -- couch Nazi) and I found this. And it comes in this fabric as well! Wouldn't the second one look great with some red throw pillows (or maybe these) and old black and white photos on the wall?

Also, this place has furniture! Who knew? Stu and I actually registered at this place when we got engaged, and I love everything they have. I could spend hours here (and millions of dollars). So, which ones do I like here? This one and this one. I'm not crazy about either one in particular, because I haven't seen them in person. But they look nice online!

Finally, here is my favorite. I love it. Stu likes it too. And if I can save enough money (I'm going to pool all of my birthday money), I'm buying it! This isn't the greatest picture, but let me assure you - it is comfortable and beautiful!

Okay - so that is all for now! Let me know which one you like the best!


RESULTS (and other important sounding words....)

Soooo - we didn't win first.

We didn't win second.

We didn't win third.


Never in my life have I been so proud of being 4th best. And being mentioned honorably. Or being honorable mention of women. Or being the mentioningist honors out there. (Here's the real secret - we didn't even make chili, we made Tortilla Soup!!! So technically - we won first in the tortilla soup competition) SUCKERS!!!

oKAY - so I have consumed enough champ - ag - nah for two spice girls, and I am not as think as you drunk I am, but we won - and I promise!!!! More. Pictures. Later!


2 THINGS THAT ARE BAD (aka thoughts on my lunch):

1. Tipping a bag of pretzels into your mouth (to get all the crumbles)
2. Eating smooshy apples.

Why? Doing the 1st thing will unhealthfully increase your sodium content for the day, and the second is just unsatisfying.

One more note on food - My friends and I are entering a Chili Cook-off tonight. We have dubbed ourselves the "Spice Girls." (I know - verrrrry clever). Last night, Daisy and I made the chili wonderfulness (also called Spice Girl Surprise). We thought it tasted good, and hopefully the judges will also!

I'll let you know how it went, because I am certain that everyone reading this is dying to know.


~A Tribute To A Great Lady~

I received a call this morning from my daddy with some sad news - my great grandmother, Nanny, passed away early this morning.

Her passing was not a surprise. She was 98 years old and had been struggling with dementia and various other health issues for a long time.

So, we aren't grieving in the way that a family would grieve a sudden, unexpected death. Rather, we are experiencing a joyous grief - if that is possible. While we are sad that she is gone, we are happy that her spirit has gone on to heaven - where her mental and physical infirmities will no longer exist.

My Nanny was a wonderful lady. As a little girl, I ADORED her. Sometimes, I felt closer to her than I did to her daughter, my grandmother. She went out of her way to make me feel special when I was little, and as we both got older, I recognized that she possessed a lot of characteristics I hoped to have one day.

First, Nanny always looked perfect - her nails, her hair, her clothes. I never saw her in an outfit that wasn't completely lovely, fashionable, and appropriate. She taught me the importance of accessorizing and showed me that a well-made suit and good skincare can take years off of a woman.

She exuded internal beauty, as well. Nanny had a way of making people she was talking to feel that their presence alone made her day. She would welcome anyone into her home - happily attending to any need - whether someone needed a friend, a meal, or just a little time away from the rest of the world.

She was also a very devout Christian and wasn't afraid to stand up for her faith. When she and my great grandfather, Big Daddy, first met, they were (as she liked to describe herself) "card-playing heathens." In fact, before she and Big Daddy "found the Lord" they were building a house, including one room in the blueprints just for gambling. Once they became Christians, they scrapped the plans for that room and instead focused all their energies on learning the Bible and later, serving as the preachers at their church. That's right - she was a preacher - a very uncommon role for a lady of her time, but not too surprising for a lady like Nanny.

I will always treasure my memory of her gorgeous home. She and Big Daddy collected some really beautiful antiques, and as a small girl, I remember walking through her home marveling at all of the precious things - lovely dancing porcelain dolls, an ivory Asian screen with intricate carvings, an incredible "Player" piano which played pieces of music by "reading" sheets of paper with holes punched out. Everything was always beautifully arranged and clean - displayed in a way to bring anyone in the room pleasure and comfort.

The more that I think about it - Nanny kept her house like she lived her life...Beautiful and clean. Everything she did - crafting a sermon, dressing for the day, decorating her home, cooking a meal - she tried to do as perfectly as possible. She sought to live a sinless and clean life, always trying to make her actions pleasing to God, and always trying to introduce others to Him.

As I sit and think about all of the good that my Nanny did, I am honored to know that I am a part of her legacy. I hope that I have inherited her strong and proactive spirit. I hope that when I am convicted about something, I will not hesitate to stand up for what I believe in - even if it isn't socially acceptable. I also hope that I can be half the hostess she was, and...well to look as good as she did, despite her age.

So, here's to my Nanny, the lovely Mrs. Ruby Nathine Roberts -
While we are all sad that such an angel like you died, we are all so thankful that you lived.

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