I am not blogging much because, up until today, I was boycotting the law school this semester while studying for exams. Therefore, I am studying at home and do not have the dang innernet (except for my cell phone. But as much as I write, blogging via the cell phone would probably cause permanent hand paralysis. Which now that I think about it, might be a brilliant way to get a break on my exams. Hmmmm.) Anyway, don't be mad, I'm still thinking about ya'll ALL the time. Hi!

I did want to share one teensy weensy thing though. Just realquicklikethis. And then I'll get back to studying. Because I am a good little law student.

Since I have been in law school, one of my biggest hopes and fears was to get pregnant during law school.

Sometimes I hoped to get pregnant (this hope often arose during stressful, crazy times), so that I could drop out of law school and so that the only horn book I would ever have to read again was one to my toddler about trumpets and saxophones.

Getting pregnant during law school (or any time for that matter) has also been one of my greatest fears, because as much as I like other people's babies:
1. We are poor.
1(a). I don't like poop.
2. The Knight and I can barely take care of ourselves, and the idea of living, eating, and breathing for someone other than myself is terrifying.
3. Then I would have to drop out of law school (or at least pause it), which would push back my timeline EVEN MORE. (Yes, I have a timeline. Remind me to tell you about it sometime.)
4. I know what I look like while driving a minivan (obviously a requirement for any new mother) and it is not pretty. See below:

So, last night, Daisy and I were trying to study for my most hated class yet, Business Associations. I really hate this class. Like I hate bullies. And terrorists. Which I realize are kind of the same thing, but that is how much I hate B.A. It is a bullying terrorist causing mayhem in my law school and amongst my friends.

ANYWAYYYYYY, I realized during my very good and concentrated studying, that I am over the pregnant hump. Or Bump. Lump. Whatever. As far as I know, I am not with child right now. And even if I got pregnant RIGHT THIS SECOND (don't worry, it's not possible. The Knight is far, far away from me at this very moment), I could still finish law school, study for the bar, and take the bar well before any little baby bumpkin would be due.

Success! No baby is going to sabatoge my law school career. Not that there is a baby in the works at all, but even if there was...I would be able to finish everything that is law school related.

Aren't ya'll relieved? And so glad I shared that tidbit of information with all my innernet friends? I thought you would be. I am too.

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Pargolo said...

this post made me laugh, because:
1. i hate B.A. too, but i'm not at your law school. Maybe it's endemic to lawschools?
2. I too have a timeline. I'll share mine if you share yours!
3. funny how my women friends in law school and myself are stressing over when to have a family, how to set the career up right, etc.
4. that minivan photo is not nearly as bad as you think it is.

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