Upper Invasion Leads to Lower Persuasion

Okay, so I've had aLOT of margaritas, and if there are grammatical errors...I am sorry. I will probably fix them later.

TWO things I MUST tell you about:

1. MEN IN TREES is now after Grey's Anatomy! You must watch it. It's like Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure. I don't know if any of you watch this, but since the Knight and I are boring and married, we like to sit at home on Friday night, drink alcohol, and discuss how hot Marin Frist and Jack are. Yeah, you know you want to hang with us. Now that it is on Thursday, we can go out both Friday and Saturday night and not feel sad that we are missing Men In Trees. Yeah, that is how much we like it. We actually MISS it when we are out on a date and

2. I just had an incredible shot - it is called a chocalate cake. It's 1/2 vanilla vodka, 1/2 Frangelica (some kind of hazelnut liquor) and then after you take the shot, you bite a lemon. It is so amazing, because it tastes just like a piece of chocolate cake.

3. Apparently, I can just never stop with two. It's like me and shopping. Anyway, did you ever notice that Anthony (Char's gay friend from Sex and the City) is the new "hairapy" voice? I love him! Get Hairapy! I think I'm a pink.

Okay, that is all for now. Just had to share!

P.S. the title? that is what my mom used to tell me when discussing the horrors of french kissing. Heee!

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Meg said...

That is a cute saying. :)

I saw Men in Trees once at the beginning of the season, and I liked it a lot (despite Anne Heche, who I normally HATE), but then I could never find it on the schedule anymore, so I thought they cancelled it!

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