Signs that exams are dangerous and should be outlawed.

Helloooo and Merry Christmas everyone!

Yay! Exams are over and now I am in Nashville playing wifey while the Knight goes to work.

Playing wifey has been good so far. This morning, I updated our Christmas address list and got to work on our Christmas cards. A little late I know, but the Christmas cards we ordered never came (never order from www.invitingsmiles.com - their products look adorable, but their customer service is terrible), so now I am improvising. I am sending out regular cards and enclosing a copy of this in each one:

Hopefully, people will like them!

Then, I did some laundry and met the Knight for lunch. I've been up since 7:30, and it seems like a lot more should be accomplished by now, but I'm telling you, updating our Christmas card addresses has taken forever. Even though we only got married 2 and 1/2 years ago, so many addresses are already out of date.

Okay, so this is why I think exams should be outlawed and are extremely dangerous. When people take exams, they get stressed. Their stress makes them unable to sleep. Their inability to sleep affects their behavior during the day. I like to call this disease examnesia. I believe a lack of sleep led to the following mishaps which I experienced over the past two weeks.

1. I put toothpaste on my razor and tried to brush my teeth.
2. I squeezed face wash on my toothbrush and tried to brush my teeth. (apparently me and toothbrush aren't working out so well)
3. I tried to remove my eye makeup with fingernail polish remover (yeah, that one stung).
4. For two days I subsisted entirely off of dried apricots and Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark.
5. I walked to school to take my exam, realized I left my coffee at home, so I walked home to get the coffee. After getting home, I grabbed a few other things and walked back to school. Once I got to school, I realized that yet again, I did not have my coffee. A similar situation happened last year, but with hot tea.

Although I feel that the above evidence is conclusive evidence which indicates exams are dangerous and should be OUTLAWED, the world of academia may not be persuaded by my experience alone. Perhaps I am an anomaly. Thusly, I would ask all of my loyal blogreaders to leave their own hard proof. Once a list of sufficient length (I will decide what constitutes "sufficient") is collected, I fully intend to submit it to our school's dean. After that, I anticipate the so-called "snowball effect" and predict that within 5 years, exams will cease to exist. This will only happen if we work together though!

So, put your thinking caps on (which may be hard to find if you just finished exams) and let me know what symptoms you experienced with suffering from examnesia.

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Nolo said...

I wash my hair in the shower over and over because I keep forgetting while washing whether I already washed my hair or not.

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