My first game of tag...

Sweet lil' Meg has tagged me to list my top 5 favorite Christmas songs. I have never been tagged befo', so I will try to do a very good job listing them. In hopes that I might be tagged in the future, cuz Lord knows I have the hardest time coming up with things to say.

So, here they are - Eri's top 5 favorite Christmas songs:

5. Silent Night - really like the new Sarah McLachlan version
4. Step into Christmas - Elton John - put on your dancing shoes if you are going to play this one.
3. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dean Martin - one of the best songs I've ever heard that sums up the entirely different way men and women think
2. O Holy Night - Martina McBride - very strong and powerful version but still stays true to the original version (unlike Xtina's version)

and my very favoritest, makes the me the happiest, and causes me to dance around and sing like a elfin maniac....

1. The Happiest Christmas Tree - by Nat King Cole

Oh yeah, Inviting Smiles you ask? What was that all about? Well, I don't really feel like going into details about it (I might just cry - that is how mad I am). But, go here to read about them - and make sure TO NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. EVER. They suck.

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Monogram Momma said...

YES THEY DO!! Don't worry, I'm not done with them yet! I'm still emailing them like crazy and after the holiday's when they think things have calmed down, they will be hearing from me AGAIN on behalf of everyone they took advantage of during the holidays!

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