Yesterday while running errands, I locked my keys in my car. I had a trunk full of groceries waiting to be put in the fridge/freezer, and no way to get them home.

Since, the Knight was set to arrive that evening (11'ish) and had keys to my car, I just planned on waiting on him to unlock it tonight, rather than calling a locksmith and saving 40 bucks. In the meantime, I called Daisy to come pick me up from the shopping center where I had gotten locked out.

A few minutes after I spoke with Daisy, she calls me back. In her rush to save me, she, too, had locked her keys in her apartment. She had been very careful and had given someone a spare key to her apartment. That someone was me. The problem with this situation was that the spare key was on my key chain. In my car. Inaccessible to me.

So then, we were both stranded. Me at the shopping center, and her outside her condo.

After determining that there was no way for her to climb through a window and there was no way I could pick my power locks, we decided to call a locksmith to come unlock my car, and then I could drive home and unlock her apartment.

While our situation was quite comedic, what is more telling is how we dealt with our time while waiting for the locksmith. I spent my time wandering up and down the aisles of the local fabric store, wistfully wishing I had pursued the life of an interior decorator. Daisy hoofed it several blocks to the wine store where she bought several bottles and almost opened one on the way home. What an alci. Oh, who am I kidding? If I had been closer to the wine store, I probably would have bought the screw top wine and drank it on my way home.

Days like these suck. Stay at home.


Anonymous said...

By the way, the only people besides myself at the liquor store on Cumberland at noon are homeless people. I actually had a guy hit me up for money, while waiting on the clerk to hand him his liquor bottle.

joey said...

Oh, you two are like Laverne and Shirley!

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