Morality or Mortality?

My clinic partner came up with a delightful hypothetical and I just had to share:

You are happily married and faithful to your spouse. S/he is also faithful to you. You discover that your spouse has a supernatural ability to heal people suffering from incurable, terminal diseases. Your spouse is the only one in the world with this power. The only way your spouse can cure the disease if if s/he has sex with the terminally ill patient.

Would you be okay with your spouse using his/her "healing powers?"

Please comment.

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

Sign me up! I mean besides all the props your spouse would get for saving the world, think of the amount of money you would save by not needing health insurance. You could smoke all you wanted because spouse could cure cancer. Drink all you wanted because spouse could save your liver! No AIDS! No Alzheimer's! Heck, I think everyone would want to be married to that person in order to be the first in line for 'sexual healing.'

Of course, I'm thinking this under the assumption that spouse would use the healing powers and your decision would just be rather to stay or go. I think I'd feel too guilty to say, "You really shouldn't do that."

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