Lemme go on, like a blister in the sun...

When I was in middle school, I went through a phase. I believe the correct term for me was confused and insecure adolescent, but most people called me a skater girl, alternative punk, or my personal favorite - poser.

Most people that know me don't believe it when I tell them that I went through this phase, but I did. I died my hair raven black, insisted on wearing multiple layers of plaid shirts, wife beaters and baggy pants, pored over skateboarding magazines (mostly the cute t-shirts and tennis shoes), hung out with people who smoked weed (I never did) and listened to bands like the Violent Femmes, the Cranberries, and Nirvana. I wrote all kinds of deep, heart-wrenching teenage angst poems, refused to bend to my parent's wishes, and dated this guy:

(Who was and is quite nice actually, but was not exactly the future youth minister my parents were looking for)

My father was petrified that I would become some sort of agnostic Gothic hippie, and my mother spent about 4 years mumbling constant prayers for my soul and my virginity.

After a while, I changed personas, and moved on to the next thing (as I recall, it was cheer leading).

Anyway, even though I never returned to my skater girl ways (although sometimes I think relearning how to skateboard would be way more fun than being a lawyer), there are still remnants of my past that rear their Mohawked head once in a while.

For example, lately I have had this insatiable desire to get a nose ring. Not one of those hoops, but one of those cute little diamond studs. I just think they are so cute and a little sexy.

I have wanted one of these for a long time, but then my interest in getting one re-piqued last night at Nama. Our waitress was so adorable and sweet and she had one. I know that I will never ever get one. Mostly because the Knight, my parents, his parents, and almost 100% of the legal employers will not like it. But also because I am terrible at taking care of myself, and if I had a nose ring, it would probably get all swollen and gooey, and it would be more like a nose wrong than a nose ring.

So, I won't get one. But I still likey.

Also, I have discovered black nail polish. Last week I used painted my nails black to make my Halloween costume more authentic, and it was funny, but I felt different. Empowered. Or Edgy. Or maybe Bold. Or possibly Rebellious. I can't put my black manicured finger nail, on it, but it was along those lines. Cross into my lane while driving? Beware of the black painted finger (something I never do). Do something and need chastising? I'm already shaking my black painted finger at you. Naughty boy. Need to change the channel. My black painted finger is already pushing the button on the remote.

Anyway, I really like black nail polish now. So, that's that.

So, want to see what I was for Halloween?

Here I am!

Just kidding. That's Daisy. Doesn't she look pretty?

She went as a flapper. I think the black wig is very fetching. What do you think?

Okay, so here's my costume:

Ha ha ha ha. Gotcha again.

Silly willy. Do you honestly think that I would go as Frankenstein?

Hello? I am female. I live for Halloween.

Is it the one time of the year I can try to look sexy and not feel like a complete ho-bag? Yes?

Well, then why would I waste it on a mask and vest?

Okay seriously, this is me for Halloween:

Do you know what I am?

I am a mad scientist.

And the Knight was my monster.

The green stuff in my beaker?

It's an appletini.

And just so you know, my badges all over my lab coat read as follows:

"I (Heart) Dead People"

"Why Use Rats When You Have Cadavers?"

"Making Monsters Since 1981" (my birthday year)

"I Brake For Biohazard"

"I'm lookin' for a victim, wanna volunteer?"

and my personal favorite:

"Frankenstein is my Homeboy"

And here again, just for fun, is me and my Homeboy.

Happy Belated Halloween! Now go Christmas shopping!


joey said...

I, Joey, would NOT like you with a nose stud either!

Just FYI...from your #1 fan!

Anastasia said...

Love the costume! And I want one of those tiny nose rings, too - but not diamond - the little can barely see metal one. And I just have to know - are you more of a Thrasher or a Transworld Skateboarding kind of gal? Hawk or Caballero? Lance Mountain? :-P

erikaboo said...

Ana - Thrasher. Hawk. Street (over Bowl). That is all I have to say.

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