Pathetic post to show off my cute niece and nephew...

Dear Carter and Madeline:

The Knight and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary the weekend before last (July 23! I love you baby!).

ANYWAY, now that we have been married for 2 years, I think we are officially out of the "newlywed" zone. But before we could say "here's to being fat and happy" (which is something we really shouldn't be saying, but seems to be our current state), people are now putting us into the "babymaking" zone. I find it quite annoying, but also a little humorous. Why do people think we have any business having children? Look at us! We can barely keep ourselves in clean clothes, let alone a third person. Neither one of us can remember to bring the basic essentials when we go on a trip (toothbrush, underwear, etc.). How would we ever remember the gazillion and one things your parents bring when they take you anywhere? It's laughable, really, the idea of the Knight and I with children. Laughable and SCARY.

But do you know what I do when asked "When are you going to start a family?" I whip out my pictures of you, my cutesy wutesy niece and nephew. "Here they are. Awwww. Aren't they adorable? They are both just little messes! Now that little Maddie...she is just growing like a weed. And let me tell you the latest thing Carter did...."

Before they know it, I have changed the subject and we are off talking about the terrible threes and cutting teeth. Most of the time I can scoot off without every answering their questions about my own life.

Maddie and Carter - I'm sorry that I use you. But I have to. Busybodies in this world just have to ask such annoying questions, that it forces me to use you. But I will buy you lots of presents to make up for it! Planes and paint and stickers (sticker books too!) and dolls and tea sets and etch-a-sketches and slinkies. I will even buy you loud, noise-making toys that you only get to play with at my house (so your mom and dad won't hate us).

It isn't that that Knight and I don't want children of our own. We don't really know how we feel about kids. We love you both dearly, but then we don't have to change your diapers, get up every 4 hours to feed you, or buy you a new pair of shoes every week because your feet are growing in an ungodly lightning speed way.

Of course you both are adorable little terrors, but what if our kids don't turn out like you? Or worse...what if we are bad parents? So, until we have resolved our issues, I am just going to continue to use you. Don't worry, you will continue to benefit from my trickeries and scheming, but I just wanted you to know about it. Okay. Well, that's I have for now.

I love you,
Auntie Boo


Shannon said...

Erika~ I have to say in case I haven't told you before you crack me up!!! and I was reading about the (!) and I have to agree with your punctuation favorites.. We need to get Sara and JoJo and get together sometime, I don't think I've seen you since Sara's wedding.

erikaboo said...

Yes, please! I would love to hang out. But only if it involves large amounts of wine and possibly late night karaoke!

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