You be Samson, I'll play Delilah...

What's 'more funner' than furiously writing a Trial Brief into the wee hours of the morning?

Don't know?

Furiously writing a Trial Brief into the wee hours of the morning while listening to Weezer!

Some of you may know that in order for me to concentrate, I have to listen to music to drown out the outside noises. If you ever walk by me in the law library and I strangely resemble one of those airplane traffic people with the little orange hand signals, no - I have not gone crazy, I am merely listening to my music with one of the library's circa 1985 headphones. It really helps me concentrate. You can ask Daisy - she has witnessed many a miraculous study sessions where a seemingly uncontrollable, spastic, and cartwheeling me settles quietly down for a day of studying -- all thanks to my trusty headphones.

I think I developed this habit while growing up with three very loud, gregarious younger siblings. The only way I could ever concentrate would be to just close my door and turn up the music loud. REAL LOUD. Oh yeah, my parents loved it.

When I was younger, I couldn't sleep unless I had a completely rewound tape of Paula Abdul ready to "Rush" me into sweet dreams. When we would take vacations, I would sleep in my headphones and I would always wake up with strange cord impressions in my face and a horrible backache (from sleeping on the Walkman). Oh the sacrifices my body made for me.

As I got older, I found that I ran faster and better when I listened to punk. Unfortunately my high school cross country didn't allow us to use headphones while we were running, so I never reached my full long distance potential (well that, and I was kind of lazy).

As I explained up in the top of this post, I love music and require it for optimum concentration. Right now I am sitting at the Knight's parents' kitchen table with cases, old briefs and countless legal pads spread all around me. I also have my headphones on (I am a good little daughter-in-law; everyone else is sleeping). Thankfully, I am making headway into a somewhat dense subject.

I have purchased (see - I'm legal) lots of music and saved it on my laptop. Like most people, I have all kinds of stuff to suit my various moods.

Stressed out? I recommend a little Garden State soundtrack mixed with a dollop of old school Cranberries, Jewel, and a skosh of John Mayer. (Also known as the Chilled Playlist).

Need to get pumped up? Nothing better than a little Christina Aguilera, Britney, Destiny's Child, and assorted rap favorites (Baby Got Back, Candy Shop, Big Pimpin' to name a few). (Also known as the Workin' It Playlist).

Having one of those "Gosh, I hate law school and wish I would have just gotten barefoot and pregnant directly after college?" No? Well, me either. But if I ever do, I know just what I need to hear...Manic Monday, These Boots Are Made For Walking, Perfect Day (from Legally Blonde soundtrack), and anything by Lillix. (Also titled Girl Power Playlist)

So what am I listening to now? Well, Weezer is done, and I've moved onto Move Along by the All-American Rejects, Leave the Pieces by the Wreckers, and In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 (probably one of my all-time favorite songs).

Gosh - you know what our radio stations need? Me. I could be the younger generation's Delilah. Heartbroken and need a song to soothe your soul? I'll play Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. Celebrating a newfound love? No problem -- At Last by Etta James coming right up. Need a good song to get high? I highly recommend Io by Helen Stellar. Not that I've ever gotten high, but every time I hear it, I just feel like it would be really appropriate.

If anyone ever needs a few recommendations for a song to suit a mood, I will be happy to play Delilah for you. Just leave me a comment and I will bring sweet music to your ears!

Okay, well - I guess I better get back to that brief. I'll let ya'll know how it turned out!


joey said...

i always enjoy the early linkin park stuff from the album Hybrid Theory or some Puddle of Mudd when i am pumping iron

erikaboo said...

Yes, I could see how that would keep the blood (and iron) pumping! Good suggestion!

Daisy said...

Will you make me CDs of all your 'I'm oh so clever' playlists??? I'm not creative or deep enough to have my own taste in music. ;)

Shannon said...

Maybe you should just forget law school and become the next delilah :)

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