Practically Giving Paris Hilton a Run For Her Money...

Hey everyone! I survived the brief. Got it done in a day and a half. Which is a big deal for me considering it took me like 3 weeks to write a fake appellate brief in my first year of law school.

Why did this one only take me a day and a half? Possibly it is because I'm much smarter now than my first year of law school. Somehow I doubt that's it. Rather I think it has to do with being stricken with the fear of the LawGods (i.e. partners).

So, you're probably wondering why my title vaguely references being famous? No? Darn. Well, I'm going to tell you the reason anyway. Just so you have to sit there and suffer through the explanation.

That's what you get for being so uninterested in me. More me.

Okay, so I have this neat little techno thingie called "StatCounter" in the template of my blog. It lets me track visitors to my site and how many times they visit. Now don't worry, if you're reading this, I don't know your name or anything. Just your location, and the time you came to my site, and some other pretty meaningless information. Occassionally, the ISP address is listed and has the name of the company the address belongs to, but no names. No way I could ever determine for certain who's reading the blog.

The main reason I have this thing hooked up is because I am greedy for attention and life validation. Yes, I know its sick that knowing a lot of people look at my blog gives me such joy, but at least I'm aware of my disease. Now, if only I could figure how to rig this thing on Facebook and MySpace, I'd be drunk with joy.

So anyway, since I'm always curious who is reading le blog, and have absolutely no idea besides Joey, who is my faithful commenter (thank you Joey), I decided to google "artsy fartsy shopaholic" just to see if anyone ever loved me enough to link me. And guess what? They do! 4 people to be exact. That's right. F-O-U-R. I'm, like, so famous and stuff. Ya know?

So, in no special order... Here are the people who LUFF me. Naturally, that's what it means when they reference/link you. Right? I mean, obviously, all these people either want to get with me or be me. I'd want the same for them, too, except that "me" is already taken.

So, here they are (in googley/yahooeyphooey order):


Numero Uno:
This is an article where a guy did a random viewing of 101 blogs and mine was one of them. (You have to scroll down real far to the end to find me). But, good news...He liked the name of my blog!

It didn't win first, but in his words he said "LiveJournal.com has a random blog option under its search header. It took me to Behind My Smile… Are the Things You Will Never Understand. It was my favorite blog title of the journey (although Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic Goes to Law School ran a close second)."

See? He luffs me! I ran a close second. Why? Because I'm pretty much the total package. Except that my title isn't about smiling. Obviously he hasn't heard that "Shopaholic" is the new "Smile." Someone should tell him. In case you are interested, here is the link to his blog.

This guy has a growing list of law school blogs. Also, he has a little blog himself. I like it very much. I am under "University of Tennessee." Uh-oh, that makes 2 men who luff me! The Knight better watch out! He just might have to settle for Ms. Applebee's if he doesn't behave himself.

Now, this guy really does luff me. He even said I was funny. I have no idea who he is or how he found my blog, but I think I might secretly have a blogcrush on him. Don't worry, its nothing serious. Just a true testament to how a little flattery will get you anywhere. Anywhere being "in my blog."

I have always love the name Luke. Luke Skywalker, Luke Wilson, St. Luke, Luke Perry...Big stuff happens when you are named Luke. He even has his own website. Not a sissy .blogspot.com one like me. Yes, I definitely think I will look at his blog from now on.

Okay now...FOUR!
This one got a pink heading because she is a lovely, yet somewhat fabricated girl. I don't think she's ever written about me or anything, but she links to my site. Which means of course that she luffs me too! Right now I am very jealous of her because she is studying in Paris. While I am slaving in Tennessee. But, she writes about her days and her Parisian lover, and it all makes for very interesting reading.

Okay, so now that you all know how famous I am, I must run. Part of being a famous, high-profile blog-lebrity is not having time to sign autographs. I know this because I am one.

And, if you are a blogarazzi and are reading this, yes, I did eat Baby Suri for breakfast, no, I am not leaving the Knight for Mark Ruffalo, and as for the question about the latest plastic surgery? No comment.



joey said...

woot for the shout-out in the now famous blog!

erikaboo said...

Thanks Joey! I should have listed you as #5 on this post - "Commenters Who LUFF Me, Too!"

Anonymous said...

You are all around fabulous & of course everyone wants to 'get with you or be you.' I could have told you that. So, anyway... I realized this is a lot to ask of a famous person & all, but can we all go OUT tomorrow night - you'll be in Nashvegas anyway. If you want to drive to my house, I can drive us to the review session & then the Knight could meet us later??? Call me. P.S... sorry to all your readers who thought this was going to be an exciting comment.

erikaboo said...

Oooh - another person that luffs me...Daisy! Yes, to all of the above except for the riding together thing. Can't wait.

Also, check out my new profile. I updated it and you are a big part!

Anastasia said...

Of course I luff you! You are too cute...and now hopefully your stat counter will tell you that you had a visitor from Paris!

Daisy said...

Please blog. Vacation is no excuse.

joey said...

i agree with daisy!

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