No flip and/or flop...

Yesterday I had to go to Nashville to make like 12,000 copies of some documents for my job. One page at a time. From several books. Yes, I know...my life is so completely glamorous and you all hate me.

Anyway, the place I was making copies had its dress code posted in the copy room, and since I was bored (and a little nosy), I started reading it. It was pretty long, legal sounding, and specific, but I got to the section about appropriate footwear and just cracked up.

This is why:
"No shoes may be worn in the office that are backless or open-toed. No flip-flops are allowed. Any shoe that flips and/or flops is not permitted..."

Okay - does anyone find this humorous? I certainly hope so, otherwise that means that my sense of humor is completely shot. When I told the Knight about this, he just looked at me like "My wife is the biggest nerd in the world. Bring me some Cheetos."

Since he obviously does not appreciate office humor, I thought I would try it out on ya'll. Have a great weekend!


Joey said...

I find it funny

erikaboo said...

thank you. at last, my sense of humor is validated!

Shannon said...

I also think it's funny

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