I'm the new captain of the yardsailing team!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I have wanted to post for a while, but several things have gotten in the way. First I got sick. Then my computer completely crashed (and I mean crashed. I lost everything). Then I got involved in a very exciting, but time-consuming trial. And then....well, then there was now, and I'm finally posting.

Since it has been a while since I have posted, here is Boo's week in review:

Wore an out-of-season suit to work. Why? Because I am so sick of wearing the same sixorsevenish suits every single day. I thought it was an all-season material, but when my car's air conditioner gave out, and we experienced a unusually hot day, I realized my thoughts were wrong.

This is also the day that I got sick at work and had to come home. Although I don't like being sick, it was nice to get off work early and sleep all day without feeling guilty.

Tuesday: Felt a little better and went back to work. Nothing interesting happened until later in the evening. The whole family was sitting around watching old episodes of 24 and discussing the Knight's father's upcoming scuba-diving trip. One of the islands that he is going to requires all women to keep their thighs completely covered, but yet they all go topless. I started teasing him about how we'll never see him again, once he gets to that island. The Knight's father felt it necessary to respond that he always felt that if he had his own boobs, he would never leave his bedroom. AWKWARD!

Wednesday: Spent a long day at work getting absolutely nothing done. How does that happen? Came home and went to the fish fry at the Knight's parents' church. Felt that my life had truly become the modern Mayberry.

Thursday: Went to exciting and fun attempted murder case! Got to help pick a jury and then watched the DA get scared and make us a deal we couldn't refuse. The attorney I was with reminded me of Richard Gere in "Chicago." RAZZLE AND DAZZLE 'EM! It was very exciting and scary all at the same time. How in the world am I ever going to be a big girl attorney?

Friday: Got my bonsai tree in the mail! He is so cute - a Golden Gate Ficus. I have named him Fonz the Bonz. He loves me. My other little plant, Arthur, is a little jealous. I will try to smooth things over between them, but seeing as the Fonz is a little more high maintenance, Arthur will just have to get over it. Also, the Knight and I went to see the Da Vinci Code (finally). It was very exciting and wonderfully directed. I really liked how they depicted the historical scenes in a hazy translucent way in modern day Europe.

Saturday: Exciting news! I found a coffee table at a yard sale that I adore (and at an incredible price - $8). It needs a little love, but give it a little stain and shine - it will be perfect! I also got a beautiful sterling silver food warmer for $7 bucks! It had never been used and was still in the box. I also got a nice quiche pan for $1. The Knight has dubbed me the captain of the yardsailing team.

Sunday: The Knight and I rode the motorcycle to Rock Island and hung out with some old friends. We rode for a couple of hours this afternoon, and after passing several rural homes, nurseries, and cow pastures, I realized something. Southern people don't hold anything back. They want everyone to know exactly who they are and where they come from. That's why is not uncommon to see several rusted out barrels, clothes drying on a line, a wagon wheel, 2 or 3 faded Little Tykes kitchens, and numerous yard art sculptures among the flower beds. And I do truly mean "flower beds" - beds half buried in the yard with flowers planted in them. What a bunch of wasted effort.

As you can see, it has been an uneventful week. Here is one cute blog that I have recently discovered. She has advertised on my blog, and I think its so cute!


joey said...

You on a motorcycle....interesting

erikaboo said...

What can I say - I'm full of surprises. Once I have a real job, I plan on getting my own motorcycle - a hot pink one!

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