I should be a member of White Zombie...

At first I wanted this title to say "I am not dead" but then I felt that If I said that, I would be on the border of Lyingville and TellingAStorytown. Because here's the thing - I might be living, breathing, and managing to put the same kind of shoe on each foot, but MAN -- work makes me feel dead by the end of each day!

When I get home every day, I really could just go straight to bed and sleep until its time to get up the next day.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my clerkship. The work is interesting and challenging and the small town community feel is so nice.

But I'm always so nervous! And I spend all day either researching and trying to be likeable. All of those things are very exhausting for me. Add in a total commute time of 1.5 hours and you have one very zombie-like girl. I know, I know - I am whining. But we all know how much I like whine! (no fake laughs needed - I am aware of my nerdiness).

So, when I get home around 7ish - I do the following:
a) take off insanely pointy and high heels
b) give family members hugs (husband, mother-in-law, & father-in-law)
c) eat dinner
d) go into vegetative comatose state until 10 p.m.
e) go to bed
f) sleep
g) start over

I know - you are all extremely jealous of my uber glamorous life, but only a few are so lucky ;).

My newly plain and simple life lends itself to very little blogging - which you may have noticed. It's not that I don't want to write, its just that not a lot goes on and I don't want to bore you with the details. On the other hand, I did just give you a pathetic itinerary of my evenings, so it appears that I already have.

Since this has become the official "bore readers to death" blog - I'll give you the rundown of the other assorted things in my life.

WARNING - An excessive use of exclamation points in the following information may be used to counteract the mediocrity of the topic! Do not be influenced by the exclamation points! They are not flammable! They are merely used for punctuation purposes!

!1!: Since the The Knight and I have been living with his parents, we have been sleeping on his two twin beds from his childhood room!! Recently, his parents got a new king-sized bed, so we inherited their old queen!! It is wonderful, big, and allows the Knight and I to coexist as married people in the 21st century rather than Lucy and Desi!! This is big news, by the way!!

!2!: The Knight and I are on the brink of becoming full fledged tree hugging nature people!! This weekend we went canoeing!! Next weekend we are also going canoeing!! I still don't like spiders or snakes!!

!3!: I also drank beer while canoeing!! Most of you know that I don't like beer!! But maybe now I do!! Especially when it is the only thing available to drink!! Other than spider infested river water!!

!4!: I have gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks!! I don't know how this is possible!! It might have something to do with eating with attorneys every day!! At restaurants!! Did I mention that in addition to being a verbal vomiter, I am also a nervous eater!!

!5!: I have been whitening my teeth!! I can't tell if it is working yet!! I feel I might be counteracting its effectiveness by drinking massive quantities of coffee in the morning!!

!6!: I didn't fail Income Taxation!!

!7!: I am done with this list!! Right now I have an insatiable urge to go shopping!! Too bad it is already 8:45 p.m.!!

!8!: I need to wash my car and get my tires rotated!!

!9!: More exciting news later!!


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