Closet Gymnasts of the World Unite!
When I was a little girl, I played softball. I had no real interest in softball, and because of that I would beg and plead to be put in the outfield.

This was due in part to the fact that very few balls ever came out to me. And that doing cartwheels infield got my hands very very dirty.

In the outfield, no one bothered my gymnastic pursuits. I could do cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, and even the occasional back walkover to my little heart's content.

A few weeks ago, I realized that not much has changed.

For example:

Here I am at the bowling alley. I bowl occasionally, but for the most part I talk to people, dance, and as you can see here - continue my lifelong passion of gymnastics.

But, don't worry, my friends, I am not alone. Note here - yet another closet gymnast depicted in a tiny picture:

If only we had been friends in elementary school - we could have stood in the outfield together, planned our next gymnastic feat, and caused our coach much chagrin.


Josh R. said...

hey lady- i've been busy. frisco and spring break really gave me a nice chunk of downtime, or as I like to call it...Joshtime.

my peeps dig your blog. they really appreaciated the herpes post. but than again, who doesn't appreciate a little practical advice about herpes?

keep it classy. drive it like you stole it. holla back.

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited that we could have been gymnastics fools in the outfield together! Now we'll just have to make due with the bowling alley or the law school library ;)

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