Questions? Not so much. However, my fave blogging friend, utklawgirl, asked me:

When are you going to have a little baby of your own???

When? Try IF...See, I have 3 siblings. They are all younger than me. Before law, I was a professional babysitter - full-time nanny. I babysat all through college for numerous families with tons of wild little slobby beautiful brats. I have had experience with kids. And, well, I'm just not so sure they are for me.

People that know me know that I love being SuSy Homemaker - I love to cook and decorate and have parties. So, you would think that I would also want little ones to complete the whole "white picket fence/ so perfect it makes you sick" image...but...I just don't. And Stu doesn't either. Which is part of the reason we go so well together (Well that and our insatiable desire for Cheetos). Who knows, maybe one day we'll change our tune, but the way I see it right now - I have too much do to with him and with my life than to have kids come and just mess everything up! But good question friend! And for all you other readers out there (all like 2.567 of you) ask away - the question light is on and I am ready to answer!

On other things to write about - Nascar, GA, being a bowling genius.

First, NASCAR: i LoVe Tony Stewart. He is so controversial and hot. And he always is stirring up trouble. How could you not love him? Just to let ya'll know - Stu and I joined a fantasy NASCAR team last year. At first, I must admit, I was quite skeptical. My exerience with NASCAR before last year was limited to looking at the black t-shirts containing mysterious numbers, checkered flags, and people named Dale and Jeff at the local gas station - or seeing those same t-shirts on people who regularly associate the words "mullet" and "rat-tail" with "hairstyle." Suffice it to say, my opinion of NASCAR...not that high.

But now? Oh, now, it is a completely different story. I truly believe that NASCAR is the sport for non-sport watchers. Think about it - if you want to follow a football team - or even harder - play a fantasy football game - you have to know so much. There are all these teams, with different names and colors, and different players for each teams. And that's not even taking into consideration all of the plays and techniques and fouls and all other footballish related things you have to learn (like off-sides and punting and conversions and what in the world is a special team - do they ride the short-bus to practice?).

See, NASCAR- none of that! There is this oval track. And the racers go around it a lot of times. And they have all of their pertinent information loudly displayed on the outside of their cars - so its easy to see. There are, like, only 42 guys that race in the Nextel Cup - and they compete against each other each week. So after a while - you really get to know them. Sometimes, they have fights - just like a family. And - the names are cool - Travis Kvapil, Bobby Labonte - it just rollllls off the tongue. Kasey Kahne - that is the kind of name movie stars hope for!

Plus, a lot of the guys are HOT. In fact, sometimes that is how I decided my team for my fantasy game - based on looks alone. Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Scott Wimmer, and Kasey Kahne - whoooo! Finally, I know this is bad, but the crashes are the best part. Its just so amazing how these cars can go 224 mph, then crash, and flip, and smoke, and possibly even burst into flames, and then....out of the smoke, the driver emerges looking all hot and Nascar-ly.

(P.S. - all of you Nascar fans may laugh at my small, pitiful amount of knowledge - but guess what? I am in first place in my fantasy team right now (I know, we've only had Daytona so far, but still, its true - I am first), and I placed second last year (I would have placed higher but Stu sabotoged my efforts right before the last race).)

Grey's Anatomy:
Two words - Doctor McSteamy. Enough said.

On being a bowling genius: Last week I bowled a turkey in the 10th frame, thus winning a very close game for my team. I can't help but gleefully announce this - normally I bowl around a 72, so a turkey is a big deal. This past week, I didn't have any great moments of bowling geniusdom, but I did learn how to do the amputee dance move - so that's practically the same thing.

Okay - I have to go to class - but I posted. Yippppeeee! I finally posted!


Josh R. said...

Erika- prepare to be demolished in the fantasy NASCAR league. The RiverHorseMen have a patented fool-proof plan for total domination (I just have to work out a few of the kinks).

Anyway, stock up on Kleenex- I'll try to go easy on you.

Laudeedah said...

Nascar sucks...it isn't really a sport. So...when ARE you going to have kids?

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