Helooo world! I am now making my own contribution to the blog universe. I have followed along with several blogs for quite some time - and now I want my own readers!

So - as for what this blog will be about...I want it to be as humorous as possible, but lately I've found that its hard to be funny when you are trying to be.

No pressure right? But I want to capture funny things that happen in my life, in law school, and anything else that strikes my fancy (including celebrity gossip - I'm a big fan of anything juicy).

For my first post, I must talk about something that just happened in class - my teacher just tooted. Not only was it loud, but it was also odiferous (and not in a good way). Now, I know that we all have to toot now and then, but you have to admit that it is a funny thing when someone does ... no matter how old you are. It's even funnier when someone in a position of authority does it. Why is tooting such a public no-no yet so funny?

When I was little, I wasn't allowed to say the word fart - my mother, precious as she is, decided that her little girl didn't need to use the word fart because its not ladylike. So, after years of saying "toot" for her benefit, it's become my secondhand nature. I had a friend who wasn't even allowed to say toot - she had to say "frog". Why in the world "frog" sounds better than "toot" I have no idea.

I mean, in my opinion, if you say "oops, I just frogged" rather than "oops, I just tooted", there are a lot of other things that come to mind besides farting. Seriously.

Well - that's all for now. But remember - if the shoe fits . . . buy it!

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Melissa said...

hey came across your blog from clicking on a link over at operation smile. i have this obession when i find a blog i like i scroll back all the way until the very first post...that way i'm caught up on it. haha
so hi...nice to meet ya.. enjoyed the blog.. looking forward to keeping up with it now.

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